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Local brands build communities. They offer people a way to support their hometown and provide something special that large corporations miss the mark on.

Only about 50 percent of small businesses surpass the five-year mark. How do you remain at this end of the statistic?

Read on to learn about five important aspects of business success.

1. Develop A Brand Personality

Who is your brand?

Figure this out and then develop your marketing campaigns. This tells your target audience what your brand stands for, and in turn, what values they support.

Some types of brand personality include:

  • Value
  • Luxury
  • Wholesome
  • Edgy
  • Fun
  • Sophisticated

Yours may focus on one or a mixture of characteristics. Just remember to stay consistent.

Unpredictable personalities can push consumers away. Consistency builds trust.

Personality shows through a number of marketing aspects. The tone of your content marketing, voices they hear, and the faces they see all play a role.

Presentation speaks to who your brand is. Even little things like color schemes and sound effects build a brand’s personality.

Consumers do not simply purchase stuff. Often they buy from an entity that they feel connected to.

2. Build Bonds

How does your brand personality bond with the target audience? By making them feel important.

Pay attention to what the consumer wants and needs. You may learn this through surveys and by paying attention to the metrics.

Offer products and services that they need. Provide them with helpful tips and useful gifts during marketing campaigns. Personality shows through a number of marketing aspects. The tone of your content marketing, voices they hear, and the faces they see all play a role.

Use promotional experiences to connect with your consumers face to face. Discover ways for the consumer to know your brand deeper.

3. Deliver Quality Service

Deliver exactly what you promise. Do not promise one thing and then offer another.

People will lose trust very quickly when this happens. Sometimes, brands miss the mark accidentally.

Keep in place a solid recovery plan. It should include:

  • Personal recognition
  • A sincere apology
  • Efforts to right the wrong
  • A follow up with the consumer

People want quality and respect humility. Show people that the word of your brand means something.

4. Connect With Other Local Brands

Synergize with other local businesses to find success. Helping each other out increases exposure on both ends.

People will appreciate seeing their community tie together in unique ways. Plus, this connection will make business more exciting as you explore new ways to work together.

5. Diversify Your Marketing Channels

Do not rely on one marketing strategy to build your business. Promote your brand through a number of channels.

Build a social media profile specifically for your brand. Post high-quality content daily for free exposure.

Develop a blog that offers your target market valuable insight and helpful hints. Through this website, writers will create unique posts that speak to your consumers while boosting your SEO!

Engage in promotional marketing. Go out in the community. Bring a promotions team to busy places frequented by your target market.

Kick start your branding strategy

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to effectively brand your business. All you need is a little creativity and some good, old-fashioned hard word.

And now that you know how to effectively (and inexpensively!) brand your small business, all that’s left to do? Get out there and get branding!

Reach Your Brand’s Potential

Do not limit your potential for success. Continue to grow it by connecting your unique brand personality with consumers and other local brands. Put your brand out there on all different platforms and offer true quality!

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