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Top 12 Anime Characters with Green Hair, Ranked

anime characters with green hair

Green, A color that connotes success, newness, and progress. Moreover, many of you hold this color extremely near your heart. Perhaps because it’s your number one color or because you like the energy you get from it. Whatever your explanation is, there is no doubt that this tone can be found all over. Also, anime characters with green hair are no exemption from it. In any case, in the present article, we will focus on hair, women, and noblemen.

All the more explicitly, green hair. It is an ideal post for you to look at the top 12 green-hair anime characters. In anime, green is an uncommon hair tone, and it isn’t one that you’ll track down in only any series. While this implies fewer characters to browse, it likewise means that the ones we have are probably the most intriguing. In this rundown, you’ll track down the best anime characters with green hair from all strolls of anime.

Anime Characters with Green Hair Names

  • Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)
  • Bisca Mulan (Fairy Tale) 
  • Shigure Asa
  • Gon Freecs (Hunter X Hunter)
  • Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)
  • Midori Kasugano
  • Akeno Shiranui
  • Minami Iwasaki
  • Tsubomi Kido
  • Amber (Darker Than Black)
  • Erin
  • Ukyo (Amnesia)

Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)
Source: ComicBook

Furthermore, for the best position on our rundown, we have Zoro. Not a very great shock, right? I mean, who else can overwhelm the one who works the hardest? Nobody! Zoro is one of the lead characters in A single Piece, and this fighter is past mind-boggling. His battling skills and credits, like grit and enthusiasm, are staggering.

He probably won’t be the best person for asking headings; however, we are getting someplace. Be that as it may, the one exceptional nature of Zoro is dedication. I need somebody like Zoro, yet I don’t figure I will get him. In any case, we have a subjective man like him up to our sleeves. Her beautiful long green hair makes her come on top of our list of green hair anime characters.

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Bisca Mulan (Fairy Tale) 

Source: Fairy Tail Wiki

Bisca’s long green hair quickly separates her from different characters, even those with purple and blue hair around her. As an individual from the Fantasy Society, her sorcery permits her to store and recover a determination of supernatural firearms, which she can immediately whip out when a fight rolls around. With the assistance of her weapons, she is continuously able to battle for her companions and is very faithful to her society.

Shigure Asa

Source: Pinterest

Asa is Rin’s companion and senpai, making him unbelievably fortunate because she is a complete dollface. Notwithstanding having a somewhat powerless constitution, Asa has a strong character and rushes to join a bunch of exercises.

However, she loathes enchantment because it debilitated her during her young life. Asa is somewhat of a spitfire, but on the other hand, she’s an extraordinary cook and appreciates both difficult work and eating cake, which we regard. A beautiful green hair anime character people love nowadays.

Gon Freecs (Hunter X Hunter)

Source: Starting Life From Zero

My man is cherished by anyone who watches his anime, Tracker x Tracker. Also, I believe there’s not a remotely good excuse to detest him by any means. Gon is happy, focused, has areas of strength, and who generally carries a grin to the essence of the people who watch him on screen.

His green hair and frank character make things much simpler for anybody to check on him with deference and regard. Furthermore, that is the reason you and I ought to admire Gon. So make him your good example of an anime character with green hair.

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Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

Source: ComicBook

One of the most grounded in her domain we have Tatsumaki. She is one of the side characters in A single Punch Man. In any case, her general presence in the show is surprising. Assuming you watch One Punch Man, you will realize that Tatsumaki is a monster when she is on the front line. Also, that is the reason individuals love seeing her personality battling the miscreants. She is an esper who is now an or more, and with her Tsundere-like disposition, Tatsumaki will make you fall head over heels for her.

Midori Kasugano

Source: Matt Hackmann

You realize she is unbelievable when she is the principal character of her show. Midori Kasugano is the hero of the anime we call Midori No Hibi. What’s more, goodness my, she cherishes Seiji a ton. Seiji is one of the characters in the show, and her affection for him runs for over three years.

Aside from her excellent character, Midori has lovely green hair and green eyes that make her plan look more gorgeous and charming. So if you are looking for some adorable anime characters, I figure Midori will help you. Indeed a lovely anime character with green hair.

Akeno Shiranui

Akeno Shiranui

As a mermaid with dark green hair, Akeno functions as a mermaid inspector liable for extraditing any mer-individuals who either neglect to look like people or raise doubt about their actual characters. However, even though she begins a piece threatening everyone around her, she finally tracks down sympathy. As a result, she becomes one of the series’ most outstanding green hair anime characters.

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Minami Iwasaki

Source: Pinterest

With a sharp appearance and short green hair, Minami looks more male/female than the numerous characters in this anime series. While she is tall for her age, she is disheartened by the small size of her bosoms, which Konata frequently remarks on.

Typically genuinely quiet, bringing about her being confused with being cold, Minami is charitable and able to help everyone around her, as is exhibited when she loans Yutaka her cloth and proposes to take her to the attendant when she is sick. All this makes her come on our list of top anime characters with green hair.

Tsubomi Kido

Source: Pinterest

Kido is a strange green hair anime character and head of the Mekakushi Dan. While she’s prominent to have a charming face, she is frequently confused with a kid thanks to her male/female appearance and propensity for wearing hoodies.

Seeming adult and prudent, Kido can be touchy around Kano, who frequently prods her. However, her Disguising Eyes capacity permits her to deflect discernment away from individuals and items inside 2 meters, making them everything except imperceptible.

Amber (Darker Than Black)

Source: Darker than Black Wiki

The complete name of this lovely woman here is Golden “February.” Complex, for sure. In any case, we should find out what she brings. Golden is one of the supporting characters in the realm of Darker Than Black; subsequently, she has a seriously profound character.

During the underlying episodes, Golden had the capacity of Chronal Control and functioned as a covert operative from the outset. However, the show goes ahead soon, and she becomes considerably more vital than she previously was. With her personality and blast, we have an astonishing green hair anime character here.


Source: Crunchyroll

Erin is a curious, sweet, and wise young lady who focuses tremendously on the two individuals and creatures. She acquired her green hair from her mom, one of the fog individuals, and combined with her matching green eyes; she’s difficult to confuse with any other person in the series.

Her interest frequently causes her problems throughout the series, yet she’s excessively charming to blame her for it. While her series may not be the most notable, a fabulous unlikely treasure certainly merits a watch.

Ukyo (Amnesia)

Source: Otome Kitten

Please permit me to enlighten you regarding Ukyo. This attractive man here is known as the Demise God in the domain of the anime Amnesia, which is one reason why he is so remarkable in the series. He has a tasteful appearance, a tall design, and green hair that couldn’t measure up to anybody. Also, his delightful hair is developed to his midriff length to make them significantly more stylish. Consequently, you can say that assuming Ukyo showed up before the young ladies, they will unquestionably lose it. That makes him exceptional. It concludes our list of top anime characters with green hair.

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