May 19, 2024

3 Business Practices To Boost Your Social Media Presence

Business Practices To Boost Your Social Media Presence

With digital marketing proving to be an effective means of marketing, social media presence has become the bread and butter of businesses in the online community. Gone are the days when social media use was limited only to personal purposes, as now, businesses are using it to their advantage. Firms could miss out on a vast audience potential if they don’t have a solid social media following. 

To that end, it makes sense for small and big businesses alike to aim for a better social media presence. The more this is achieved, the higher the hype you make on the online community. Businesses must consider their social media accounts as assets that can effectively set them a few steps ahead of the competition. That is, of course, for as long as social media presence increases and strengthens. The best example of this is how online influencers have effectively risen to fame as social media superstars, after gaining quite a strong presence.

To put you in that same competitive position, here are three tips that’ll help you enhance your social media presence and online image. 

Best Business Practices to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Strengthen Twitter Activity 

Nowadays, businesses can use many social media platforms to help boost their online presence, but one of the most prevalent is Twitter. Activity on Twitter is limited: you’re only allowed to have a few characters per post, you can only comment, re-tweet or share, or like the same tweet.

Yet digital marketers believe that using Twitter is still one of the most effective options for you to boost your social media presence. The reason behind this is the fuss-free interface that Twitter has. You don’t need to overthink the post or over-complicate it. With just a few words, your business has the power to strike a conversation through that post and the potential to create online hype. 

Most importantly, Twitter is tried-and-tested. It has been around for so long, still retaining that popular spot despite the coming in of new social media platforms after it. 

If you’re looking for an example of how brands can use Twitter to their advantage, this page here is a good one to learn from. 

Set SMART Goals 

Like any other business initiative, only embark on boosting your social media accounts after setting your goals. Think of those goals as that opportunity to create an audit system, where once in a while, you can check whether or not the social media posts and marketing strategies you’ve been applying are helping you tick those goals. 

You can’t go wrong with SMART: 

  • Specific, which means your goals have fixed figures (e.g., Increase social media engagement by 10% for the first two quarters of 2023); 
  • Measurable, where the metrics or analytics key performance indicators are stated as those which you’ll use to track whatever progress has been made; 
  • Achievable, which states that using your business’ current available resources, those goals are attainable and doable; 
  • Relevant, or that the goals you’ve set for being aggressive with increasing your business’ social media presence are all slated to deliver a positive business outcome; 
  • Time-bound, whereby there’s a deadline for those social media-related goals to be ticked. 

With the acronym above, now you should better understand that setting goals in relation to social media marketing isn’t something you should rush. Discuss this as thoroughly as possible with your team to avoid wasting time and business resources on futile strategies. 

Make A Content Plan With Your Audience In Mind 

Fact check: not everyone’s going to be your audience. Yes, you’ll have that random Instagram user going through your stories. But if they’re not your audience, it’ll stay random. They won’t consider following your page or going back to your posts to see your products and services. 

With that, having a content curation plan with your audience in mind is a must. This entails creating content specifically tweaked to suit your audience’s fancy. Note that the interests and needs of your audience will determine the type of content you share, along with how you engage with your followers. 

For example, if you’re in the business of selling home-brewed coffee, your audience will be interested in reading about coffee-related posts, and how buying your products benefits them. Or, perhaps give them insights on how to DIY their coffee too, so when they can’t purchase from you, they can use your beans to create their own at home. 

Whoever your audience is, tailor and double-check your content to keep them relevant and of high quality. Create a mix of photos, videos, and other graphics, to keep the interest coming. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re a business today, there’s little to no chance you won’t be on social media. Those without a social media presence should take this as the final push to sign up and create your account. You’ll have to start from scratch; yet with tried-and-tested tips, you’ll soon develop a devoted following

Before calling it a day, review the information above and see where and how each can be applied to your business. You may find that with consistency and proper data analytics, your business’s social media presence may be stronger than you first would’ve pictured it to be.

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