Do you think that a nose reshaping would make you feel better, but at the same time, you are worried about a possible complication?

It is totally natural to be scared of altering the nose, as it is in the center of the face. You can say to yourself: “What if this new nose doesn’t suit me?”. However, rhinoplasty also offers great potential for satisfaction – both in the patient’s appearance and in self-confidence.

What Is His Level of Satisfaction?

In 2015, on the RealSelf site, a group of researchers analyzed 2,326 opinions posted by people who have undergone rhinoplasty. Previous research on patient satisfaction relied on data and opinions of surgeons.

In the study, patients who have had this type of surgery were asked whether it was worth it or not, and to provide a reason for their rating.

Patient interventions on the site are not supervised by a surgeon, do not include self-written questionnaires and remain anonymous if the patient so wishes.

The results of the study, based on the opinions of 2,032 women and 294 men, reveal that the overall satisfaction rate was 83.6% (women being more likely to be satisfied than men).

The main reasons for satisfaction among women were excellent:

  • the nose looks more natural (29.7%), – the nose is smaller (18.3%) – the surgeon was excellent (18.2%).

In men:

  • the nose looks more natural (36.5%), – the surgeon was excellent (22%) – the tip rotation was good (12.1%).

What do Will Others think of Your Rhinoplasty?

You are convinced that you have radically changed your face after your operation, but will others notice it? A recent study aims to measure the evolution of a person’s perception following a rhinoplasty.

Through an online survey, 473 participants were invited to view photos of patients before and after rhinoplasty. Survey participants, who were unaware of the existence of this surgery in the 13 patients, were asked to rate each photo for attractiveness, overall health, and charm, on a scale. from 0 to 100.

The images of the patients having undergone rhinoplasty were better perceived on all criteria. They were evaluated on average:

  • 14 more attractive points
  • 10 healthier points
  • 9 more charming points

The study author said, “These results suggest that patients feel a definite improvement in how they perceive others as a result of their change in appearance.

It is not only health and success that our appearance can induce; we make different judgments in seconds when we see a person’s face. This research focuses on how to subconsciously assess people through their facial features for reliability, intelligence, and friendliness.

Changing facial features, then, can actually improve a patient’s social interactions. In addition, people considered attractive enjoy significant social benefits, such as more easily finding jobs and promotions and even obtaining more lenient judgments.

How Will the do Surgeon Know Which Nose Is Best for My Face?

If you want a nose job but are concerned that the cosmetic surgeon might make it too small or too bent, it helps to understand how a nose operation is organized. First and foremost, the surgeon will listen to your wishes, then after having auscultated you, he will tell you what is possible.

In addition to that, they rely on mathematical formulas, which will help determine the perfect proportions of your nose, relative to your face. Measurements taken into account include the width, length and profile of your nose, the shape of the septum, the amount of columella, and the size and shape of the nasal tip.

All this is to ensure that your new nose fits perfectly and improves your entire face. The goal of a rhinoplasty is always a subtle search for small adjustments that can make a big difference. If you don’t tell people, you’ve had their nose done, they will often be unable to understand why you seem to be feeling better.

“I first felt a great deal of confidence in the behavior and the way of doing things of the surgeon and his staff. It was even better than I had imagined and I was delighted with the results.

People always worry about cosmetic surgery because there are so many things that could go wrong, but choosing the right surgeon is very important in order to avoid any future issues.