San Francisco is well-known and loved for hosting incredible events and festivals. From the Alice Summerthing to Outside Lands, both locals and travelers plan months in advance to enjoy the festivities. This notoriety carries over into private events, with hosts eager to capture the energy of the city.

If you’re planning an event in San Francisco, try these innovative decoration ideas for inspiration.

Chandelier Floral Vases

With micro-events and supply chain shortages still predominant in the post-2020 world, many event planners and decorators are getting creative with their floral decor. One of the top trends this year is elevating simple floral designs for more flair and drama. Whether you use dress-up flower vases or create something original and theatrical, the key is to make more out of less.

One of the burgeoning trends in event decor is the creation of chandelier floral vases. For this decoration, you’ll need tall vases or candelabras as the base. Place a Biedermeier or round bouquet in the vessel with beads and light elements drooping gently toward the floor. This innovative design trend is a fantastic way to elevate a simple bouquet.

Sky Displays

Light displays have been a revolutionary addition to events since the early 2000s. With evolving technology and increased access, more event planners are using these displays to make indoor events feel more elemental and atmospheric.

Opt for a bright display of blue skies and clouds floating by during a daytime event, switching to a celestial display during the evening hours. This design trend goes hand-in-hand with the popular celestial event trend of recent years. 

Old Movie Projections

Nostalgia has become an overwhelming emotion in recent years. We all long for simpler times or a sense of normalcy that went unappreciated before. Create a sense of comfort and nostalgia by projecting old black and white movies on screens in various locations throughout the event. This display works well in a faux living room or sitting area, where people can take some space and relax.

Consider some of the best and most well-loved movies of all time, like Casablanca and Some Like it Hot. You can’t go wrong with prolific characters like Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable. 

Augmented Reality Displays

While there’s a shift back to in-person events, some digital elements are still playing a role in San Fransisco event planning this year. Augmented Reality has played an integral role in event planning and coordination during the pandemic. The convenience and artistry of this technology will continue to make an impact on event decor.

Use Augmented Reality photo displays to bring moments to life or create custom filters and effects for your photo booth. You can create branded AR menus and wine labels to add a decorative spin to information sharing, engaging your guests in a powerful, memorable way.

Thrift and Vintage Elements

Eco-conscious events have been a top priority for many planners in recent years. This rising trend works perfectly with another burgeoning trend: thrift and vintage decor. Rather than sourcing all-new, shiny decor elements, look for vintage pieces that spark recognition with the guests: old china, rattan chairs, and brass lamps, for example. 

These repurposed decor elements will elicit an emotional response in the form of nostalgia. Encourage party-goers to follow suit, shopping for vintage attire and prioritizing quality and texture that laughs in the face of fast fashion. San Fransisco has several iconic vintage stores. Mercy Vintage is known for classic designer pieces, and Reliquary always has unique textile and decor options.

Planning an event in San Fransisco should incorporate a perfect balance of new and old, timeless and timely, and nostalgia and hope for the future. Use these inspiring decoration ideas to bring your event to life.