May 19, 2024

Factors have to know about a Female Magician’s Life and Journey

Female Magician

The magic industry highly consists of men and there are fewer women joining this industry. According to the percentage measurement, there are less than 10 percent of women are magicians. The magic tricks performed by a Female Magician are more attractive and surprising for everyone. Because few magicians are female and when we saw them on rare shows, we enjoy them more interestingly. Females have to put more effort as compared to males in this profession. It’s an amazing and rare case when we see a female as a magician performing tricks. Magicians used different magic tricks on a stage and surprise you with every trick.

Famous Female Magician

Thousands of women are working in the field of magic but not known to everyone. In most of the shows we haven’t seen any magician who is a female doesn’t even hear about a Female as a Magician. If you are a female and want to become a magician you can get inspiration from the following mentioned magicians. They are some famous woman magicians name:

  • Fay Presto
  • Dorothy Dietrich
  • The Pendragons
  • Misty Lee
  • Kristen Johnson
  • Suhani Shah
  • Lisa Menna

A Brief History of Women as a Magician 

According to the results of Google, we found that it took so much time for a woman to make herself aware of the world. However, it was not easily known all over the world. We have identified an issue that is why not the magicians are becoming familiar with. Is one reason being that the umbrella phrases used for a magician are wizards, witches, sorcerers, sorcerers, etc. these terms are not considered good by many people?

Other Terms Used for A Magician

In ancient times wizards and witches were used as mediators between mysterious supernatural souls and mankind. They were the mediators between spirits, angels, and human beings. Whereas they are not considered to be good by viewing as wicked so they are not considered trustworthy as well. We also realized that people warmly welcome the Female Magician as compared to the male magician.

Magic Circle

The magic circle was founded in 1905 in a secretive society in Britain. This was founded to promote magic and art by using advancement. In a magic circle, there are approximately 60 women members of it, as of 2016. The first female member of the magic circle was Fay Presto. The close-up magic scene was kickstarted by her when they performed as a magician in bars and restaurants. By performing this act, she earns the title of The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year 2012.

Top Reasons Why there are fewer Females in the Magic Industry?

We discussed with so many people such as producers, teachers, performers, and lecturers of the magic industry the topic of Female magicians. And we just find the results that there are rarely females who worked as a magician. So, it’s a raising question that still why there are few magicians’ women. Here are listed some reasons that are the cause of fewer women magicians.

Magic costume:

At this point, you can argue that a magician’s costume is not designed especially for women. Because many magic tricks require long sleeves jackets and trousers that have pockets to hide the objects. But the costume that is designed for women has no pockets there and not working so well. It’s also seen that if people see a female performing on a stage as a magician, they thought that she would be an assistant to the male magician.

Gender Difference: 

Sometimes you have to see gender equality as a hot topic in most workplaces. We also see that women are not considered equal to men and are not obtaining rights properly. But during a magic show, and in the magic industry, there is no exception to a male magician’s role. There’s just a focus on the performance that is shown by the magicians irrespective of their gender. Magicians who are women are getting change by pushing the change in the world we should thank them.

Boy’s Magic Kit:

In earlier times, females are not practicing magic, and they show less interest in magic learning. It would be one of the reasons for fewer magicians’ women. Females show less interest in the field of magic as compared to men. Moreover, there is a magic kit that is also used to give the boys as a present, it is also a source of creating interest in the boys.


One of the big reasons that can be considered of few Female as a Magician is that if you become an international magician. You have to travel all over the world anywhere you are called for performing. And in earlier times it was not considered good for women to travel a lot and across the country or city. Because of this reason females quit this field and take traveling as a barrier. Traveling by women was not acceptable until recently. These barriers to traveling made it hard for women magicians to take up this art as a profession.

Family and Child’s Care:

Women have to also take care of their families and children besides their profession. Maintaining their work-life balance is also very important and requires more traveling than other professions.

No Inspiration:

Most of the girls don’t take it as a profession because they don’t see an inspiration anymore and not seeing women performing on stage as a magician. In other words, they don’t have to see a role model or a motivation to become a magician.

Final Observations:

It’s very difficult to answer the name of some Female Magician whether they are famous or not. It is because there are very few females who adopted the magician field as a profession. It is very bad to hear that just a few people can name any female who is a magician. Whereas if you ask any person about any woman magicians, everybody will start telling you about them. You can hear a lot of names of female magicians. That’s not a good thing, everyone must know about the skills of females as well as males.

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