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What Should You Know Before and After Getting A Forward Helix Piercing?

Forward Helix Piercing

In this article, you are surely going to have some interesting piercing styles. These styles are unique if anybody will carry them. The normal forward helix wraps are placed around the cartilage on the upper *ear. The lasting power of these piercings is, you can do them in multiple ways on your ears. You may have a double Forward Helix Piercing or maybe a triple. These both permit a person to have various piercings at once for a different and stunning ear piercing. These piercings offer you a variety of options to carry them. You can wear them as a customized and individual personal choice with these piercings. 

What Is A Forward Helix Piercing?

This type of piercing is placed usually on the outer cartilage. This part is nearest to the face by being pierced via a forwarding-facing surface. This one is called a very typical fashion style to carry, so it is not going to be so exciting.

Other Names of Helix Piercings

Helix Piercing and Forward Helix Ear Piercings have also known as some other names. The two famous names of this kind of piercing are listed below:

Process of Piercing

At last, after finally deciding the jewelry and location on the part of you and your piercer. The area will be cleaned and will ensure its sterile. There will be a mark placed on the location or the exact placement. The piercer will ask you to ensure the spot if it is at the accurate place or not. If the spot is marked at the appropriate place, the piercing process will be carried on. The piercer will put a steel receiving tube behind the cartilage marked already. Then a needle will be pushed to the other side. It will be carried with jewelry to get the final step and seal the piercing. 

Pain and Healing Period 

It’s obvious thing that the person has to bear a little sort of pain while this process. Because, as we knew the piercing is placed via cartilage, the person is surely going to have some pain. This pain is generally more than a normal lobe piercing style. It does not matter that your piercer is much experienced. It also does not matter that your piercer is using the machine or a needle, the little pain is obvious. It will feel like an injection injected into your ear. It generally feels like a pinch or pressure on your ear and that’s it. In the words of a body piercer, the rating on the pain scale is 5 or 6. This is because the cartilage gives more hurt a pretty much than the other piercing styles

The general period after getting a Forward Helix Piercing is almost three to nine months. In this period your ear will be fully healed. But, you have to take care of the affected parts much more. There should be proper care needed that is much needed for the quickest healing process. Otherwise, the affected parts will not be recovered in the stated period. Might be possible the ear will be getting infected due to not having proper aftercare. 

What Is the Cost of a Forward Helix Piercing?

Due to the complicated placement of the Helix Piercing, its cost is higher than the other piercing. A well-done piercing will be done expectedly from $90 to $100. Whereas it’s also likely possible to find well-experienced and professional piercers, that cost $30. So, you can limit yourself to an extent in terms of money. As there is a broad range of costs to pay for the piercings. 

Does the Piercing Cost Include Jewelry?

It depends on the piercer by whom you are done with the piercing. Sometimes, the piercer includes the jewelry within the piercing cost, and there is no separate charge for the jewelry. Oftentimes, the piercer does not offer the jewelry with the overall piercing cost. This is why they charge the cost of the jewelry separately. Try to get the piercing done by the piercers, who are providing the jewelry within the piercing cost. 

Which Type of Jewelry Is Used for A Forward Helix Piercing?

There are commonly two types of jewelry used for a new Forward Helix Piercing. Let’s have a look at the following:


After the entire healing of your piercing, you can easily replace the jewelry. You can also use a ring instead of any first-ever jewelry.


It is considered the most typical piece of jewelry that is used for such piercings. It has small pieces of metal that are passed to the pierced hole. This metal piece also has a backing of any sort that holds it in place. 

Aftercare Considering Points 

Afterward, whenever you are going to have a new Forward Helix Piercing, wash your hands properly. Make sure, you are being more sterile. Otherwise, an unsterilized or steady hand will transfer the bacteria into the open wound. To get the piercing done by yourself, you have to clean your hands. After washing or cleaning your hands properly, you can do it yourself without the help of a piercer. 

You Should, Clean the Site Two To Three Times A Day. 

You can use a gentle or unscented soap to clean it; a sterile saline solution can also be used for this purpose. By cleaning your hands properly, you can clean the piercing yourself. Clean the site gently using soft hands. If you are worried about applying the stuff directly, you can use a cotton swab or cotton ball. After using any of them, you can use the soap directly on the pierced site. Then you have to dry the piercing with a towel of paper and don’t use the fabric.

Stay Away from Antibiotics Ointments

After a specific period of Forward Helix, you are prohibited to use the antibiotics ointments. These are strictly prohibited and can avoid various additional problems caused by these ointments. 

Some Side Effects of Piercings 

Let’s have a look at some of the side effects after getting a piercing, so you don’t have to worry about the following cases. 


It is an obvious condition that at first is a wound, just because of the aggravation. This is also because the longer and larger bar used for the piercing caused swelling. 


Besides the swelling, a small amount of redness is obvious after forwarding Helix. It will remain until a few hours, so you don’t have to worry about it. It will go away the second day, as it is a normal thing. 


As it is the cartilage piercing, then sometimes discomfort is also obvious. You will feel little pain and sensitivity in the areas. You will feel pain while smiling or sleeping on that side, so don’t take it seriously as it is normal. It will remain as it is and sensitive for a few days.

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