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The Ultimate Guide: How to Keep Lip Tattoos from Fading?

Published on: February 10, 2023
Updated on: September 28, 2023
Lip Tattoos

If you have a tattoo on the inside of your lip, you’ve probably wondered how long it can retain its original appearance. If you just want to get a tattoo in such a rather unusual place, then this question may also have occurred to you. By the way, Ink-Match showed some unreal ideas for an inner lip tattoo. And we will tell you about the features of such a drawing, which everyone should know, as well as give some tips so that the tattoo would look like new for many years.

How Long Do Inner Lip Tattoos Last?

There is no set answer to how long inner lip tattoos last, as they will vary depending on the individual and the tattoo. Some people may experience minor fading or discoloration over time, but overall these tattoos are typically very durable.

Inner lip tattoos are often considered temporary body art, but some people have reported that they have had them for up to 10 years without any signs of fading or peeling. However, over time the ink may start to fade and eventually peel away. If your lip tattoo is starting to show signs of wear, it might be time to consider getting a new one. And to avoid its rapid deterioration, you need to do the right care, as well as know all the risks that can affect your tattoo and its life.

Risks of Inner Lip Tattoos

Inner lip tattoos can be a risk. Yes, they can look cool and unique, but they also carry a lot of risks. For example: 

  1. Injuries — if your lip tattoo is too large or if it’s poorly done, you could easily sustain an injury. 
  2. Tattoos Fade — over time, the tattoo may become duller and the lines more blurred. 
  3. Disfigurement — if the ink used for inner lip tattoos is not properly applied or if the tattoo becomes infected, you could develop serious disfigurement. 
  4. Permanent Scars — scarring from inner lip tattoos can last for years and require regular maintenance. 
  5. Pigmentation Changes — the pigment in your skin may change over time, which could make the tattoo difficult to conceal or even cause it to go darker than intended. 

There can be many different risks when you get an inner lip tattoo, which can also include infection, scarring, or other oral problems. Inner lip tattoos can be more difficult to remove than other types of tattoos and can be very costly to have removed. Unlike other tattoos that can be seen from a distance and are typically considered safe, lip tattoos can often be quite dangerous. Because the inner lip is so close to the teeth, many people are unaware of the risks involved with getting a lip tattoo. Some people have had their lip tattoos removed because of this reason and have suffered serious dental problems as a result.

Additionally, people who get lip tattoos don’t realize that they’re also getting a permanent marker permanently inked into their lips. Because the inner part of the lip is so sensitive, many people find that their lip tattoos tend to itch incessantly. 

Aftercare Tips for Inner Lip Tattoos

If you have or want to get a tattoo on your lip, then it is imperative that you know about the peculiarities of tattoo care. First and foremost, make sure to keep the area clean and dry at all times. This means eliminating all unsuitable foods and drinks, including alcohol, from your diet. If you do experience any discomfort or swelling in the area, be sure to take ibuprofen as prescribed by your doctor. Everyone needs to care for their lip tattoo. That’s why we’ve put together the following few tips for you: 

  1. Keep them Clean: Clean the area with mild soap and cold water every day, and apply a thin layer of lip balm if desired. 
  2. Use a light Moisturizer: Applying a light moisturizer before bed will help keep the skin hydrated, which will help reduce the chances of infection. 
  3. Avoid Exposure to Sunlight: Avoid sun exposure and other harsh chemicals for at least six weeks following your procedure to prevent fading or discoloration of your ink.
  4. Medical Care: Seek medical attention if any signs of infection appear, such as redness, swelling, or pus discharge from the tattoo area. 
  5. Eating and Drinking: Avoid eating or drinking anything that could irritate the area of the tattoo; this includes red wine, spicy food, citrus fruits, juices, etc. 
  6. No jewelry: Keep any jewelry away from the tattoo until it has healed completely; avoiding friction will help avoid irritation and faster healing times.


In conclusion, following these simple tips will help keep your lip tattoos looking fresh and beautiful for years to come. Remember to drink plenty of plain water, avoid getting too much sunlight on your tattoo, and moisturize your delicate skin, so the healing process is quick, and the tattoo will last for several years. Finally, keep your tattoos clean and free of bacteria by using mild soap and water.

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