April 18, 2024

How To Love Camping And Not Fall Out Of Love With Your Spouse?

Young couple enjoy an outing with a new Cortes Camper

Okay, this may seem like a silly suggestion but stay with me here. Camping used to be seen as a men-only activity, and it was usually men gathered around the campfire, talking about their past adventures and planning for future ones. There is something manly about sleeping under the stars, bonding with the guys in the wilderness, and living off the land (I may have taken that too far).

These days, men are discovering that camping with their spouse can be just as fun (if not more!) Or your spouse doesn’t want you to go without her. Either way, that’s not the point anyway. For some reason, setting up a tent with the guys is just a different experience, and we can quickly dread the thought of setting up that oh-so-flimsy tent in the dark with our other half in tow. It could be more conducive to a romantic getaway or spending quality time together. Save the tents for the guys’ weekends.

Enter why camper trailers are excellent for men who love camping but don’t want those extra stress factors. Camper trailers often have all the amenities men and women enjoy; they can be pre-packed with all the necessities, set up quickly and easily, and there’s no need to worry about weatherproofing a tent or worrying about bugs getting inside from who knows which hole in the zipper you somehow missed. Plus, both men and women can appreciate that they may only need to take trips out into nature in the middle of the night if their campers come equipped with a bathroom, which many do. It also means no more trips back for forgotten items; you can relax and enjoy nature.

Camper trailers with kitchens (Cortes Campers 17 ft. model come fully loaded and include an oven in their full kitchenette) also mean that come rain or shine, you get to eat, something every manly man likes to do. It also means you are not the one barbequing out in the rain or packing up in a hurry when the weather turns bad. Everything is ready to go, so you can get out of dodge as soon as needed – or stay and enjoy nature’s beauty (whichever your heart desires). That also means you don’t have to hang your food up in a tree to keep it away from the bears (oh, come on, we’ve all seen the videos).

Men can still make use of their manly skills with camper trailers. Plenty of options allow men to put their own stamp on their camping experience, from fishing for the evening’s dinner, chopping some firewood (or collecting it when she’s not looking) to building a fantastic fire in a homemade stone-surrounded fire pit. It’s an opportunity to make it yours and infuse it with your personality.

Camper trailers have so many advantages over tents that it’s hard to go back once you’ve experienced them:

1) Comfort – With camper trailers, there is no need to fight for the best spots to put your tent. You can choose whatever site you want and enjoy all the comforts of home – like a real bed, running water, electricity, and even air-conditioning.

2) Time-Saving – Men can quickly and easily set up their camper trailer in just minutes instead of spending hours setting up a tent in the dark after a long drive.

3) Versatility – Camper trailers come in many sizes, shapes, and styles, so men can find one that fits their needs perfectly. They are great for weekend getaways or longer trips, offering men more flexibility when choosing where to travel.

4) Convenience – With camper trailers, there is no need to lug all your camping gear around. Everything you need for the trip is already in the trailer, so men can load it up and hit the road.

5) Safety – Camper trailers offer safety while boondocking or off-the-grid travel. A safe, secure, and durable trailer is nice, especially in unfamiliar areas.

So, men, if you want to get more out of your camping trips with your spouse, why not try camper trailers? You won’t be disappointed! With camper trailers, you can make sure that your camping experience is comfortable, time-saving, and convenient – so men can fall back in love with camping and, more importantly, not fall out of love with their spouses.

By Christian Leblanc- travel writer, outdoor enthusiast, avid explorer

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