Everybody is into the video-making business these days. The sudden rise of the social media craze to the pandemic globally has attracted millions of people on various social media platforms. And people are creating video content as a medium of engagement with other users on these forums. But as thousands of new videos are being uploaded every day, it has become really tough to get proper recognition with your video content.c

Creating video content is not that simple task to accomplish considering the various aspects of the process, from writing scripts, filming the video, editing, to post-release marketing of the video. However, paying attention to details can create a huge difference for you, especially when it comes to video. If the beginning of your content is engaging, then it will automatically get noticed by millions of viewers. That’s why the intro section plays a great part in the overall success of the video.

Basics of a Video Intro

A video intro is the quick and concise introductory clip at the beginning that gives an overview of the context of the video. Believe it or not, a video introduction can make or break your success, as it is the most-watched section of your entire video. A video introduction usually includes animated graphics, the brand logo, and a punchy soundtrack. But if you think you can make a mark by creating something out of the box, do not be afraid to give it a try.

Advantages of Using Video Intro

To make video intros that can stand out, you need to know the main advantages of it on your video content. Some of them are listed below to give you a brief idea about the same.

  • An intro reflects an instant snapshot of your brand’s identity, which eventually helps you to create your brand awareness.
  • A simple 10-second intro can portray the potential of your video to the viewers. The higher the efforts, the sweeter the results. Yes, it’s that simple.
  • If you are creating content for a specific audience category, then creating a relevant intro can filter the viewers at the very beginning. Thus, your main purpose in making the video will be successful.
  • Video intros are a great medium to create viewers’ expectations. There are a lot of factors that can set expectations for the viewers even before they start watching it. The title of your video, description, and social media links are a few of them. But these can only make viewers click on the video. If the initial intro triggers them, then you expect them to watch the entire content.

Can you imagine the hidden potential of the intro? It’s huge!

Do You Need to Create Intro for Your Videos?

 The answer may vary from person to person, but you need to understand the purpose of the video. If you are making a video specifically for one or a couple of people to clarify something, it might not be essential to add an intro.

On the other hand, if you are making a generic video for a wide audience, then it will always be a good idea to introduce the context of the video by adding an intro section.

Tips to Make a Good Video Intro

You can simply flash the video title at the beginning of the content and call it an intro. But, it won’t be going to make much difference. So what extra measures should you take that can make your intro video stand out from others? Well, let’s dive right into some key actions you should take before planning and making a commendable intro.

  • Your intro video should be concise and short. No exaggeration, just keep it crisp and to the point. There is no certain rule about the length of the intro. But your video should not be more than 20 seconds to retain more viewers.
  • Remember, the intro is not a place to ask for likes, comments, and shares. This will reduce the organic engagement and also add unnecessary length to the content.
  • Using an efficient intro maker is also another factor in creating an impactful introduction video. Apart from that, it will also reduce your editing time significantly.
  • One of the frequent mistakes some creators make is taking too long to mention the actual context of the video. This often kills the eagerness of the viewers to watch the content.
  • If you are using the introduction section to brand your organization, be straightforward. Don’t use cheesy lines. Sometimes it annoys the audience, which leads to skipping the main part of the video.

Step By Step Guide to Make an Intro Video

If knowing all the advantages of having an intro really motivates you, it’s time for you to create one. Here you will find a step-by-step guide through which you can easily create a professional and impactful intro.

  • Choose an intro template- You can find the end number of free intro templates online. Or you can also search the library of the software you are using for a suitable one. Select and add it to the timeline of the software.
  • Customize the template- The template you have selected will have some predefined graphics, text, and audio in it. You need to remove the existing one and replace it with your company logo, the tagline of your brand, and the audio of your choice.
  • Use standard fonts and restrict the total length of the intro- In case you think the preset font doesn’t suit your branding, you can change the font from the properties. And make sure to keep an eye on the length of the intro section.


If everything is done accordingly, now you are all set to save it to your directory. You can now add this segment to the main video content.

Now that you know how to make an intro video, it’s time to implement it and see the difference. Though you can use a single intro in all your videos, it is still recommended to update it over time according to the audience’s feedback.