Washing hair is an integral part of the hair care regime. But, it does way more than just clean the scalp; it relieves stress, reduces tension and also uplifts one’s mood. It is just like therapy that makes us feel refreshed and energized. However, we must understand the best ways to manage the hair when it is wet and fragile. But before that, let’s get the basics right. 

Do you know the right way to shampoo your hair? You must be thinking what’s the big deal in washing your hair, of course, there is none. But, remember, everyone’s hair texture is different so it is necessary to understand what works for you and whatnot.

Now you might be wondering how to wash your hair properly. To help out, we have mentioned some dos and don’ts of hair washing that you must consider while cleaning your scalp and hair.

What to Consider and What to Avoid While Washing Your Hair?

Detangle your hair before washing. It is a necessary step, but it can be time-consuming if your hair is longer, thicker, and curly. For saving time, first, use fingers to detangle and then use a wide-tooth comb or a detangler hairbrush.Don’t yank your hair while detangling. Never start combing your hair from the roots. This can cause hair breakage and also create stress.
Rinse off your hair completely before applying shampoo. If the hair is damp it helps shampoo get distributed evenly making enough lather. Don’t shampoo only the hair ends. Also, focus on the scalp area. The scalp area is the oiliest, which is why you need to put extra attention to the scalp while shampooing.
Do deep conditioning as it results in maximum moisturization. As compared to the scalp area, the hair ends require extra moisture, as it tends to get dry. So, while shampooing, make sure to condition the hair ends to keep your hair healthy.No matter what your hair type is, never skip the conditioner. After washing, you need to give your hair a boost of moisture with a conditioner.
Rinse your hair appropriately and remove dirt, lather and conditioner. If the shampoo is left over on the scalp, it will clog the hair follicles. So, make sure to check if the shampoo is rinse-off properly.It has been noticed that people apply shampoo directly to the scalp. But, this is not correct, lathering before applying the shampoo is necessary. If not done, it can harm the scalp as the cleansing chemical will penetrate the scalp and allow the scalp to absorb more moisture making it oily.
Try to air-dry your hair because using artificial heat can damage the hair and make them dry. In case using a blow dryer is necessary, make sure to apply a heat protectant to avoid hair damage.Wet hair is fragile, that’s why one must never use any heat styling products on wet hair. If using any styling tool, make sure your hair is dry. 

For healthy hair, make sure to consider these dos and don’ts of hair care. If followed properly, these tips can give optimum results. But, along with taking care of these tips, also remember to use the best shampoo and conditioner from brands that offer chemical-free products. 

Don’t forget to check the ingredients list and ensure that the product does not contain chemicals such as sulphate and paraben. These chemicals cause more harm than good, so it’s a big no to products that consist of these chemicals.