February 20, 2024
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6 Simple Ways to Support Your Favorite LGBTQIA2S+ Artists

Supporting Your Favorite Artist

When it comes to the musicians, actors, and entertainers we love, being able to support their work is essential to the longevity of their careers. With enough passionate fans, artists are able to sustain careers in their industry and connect with fans in meaningful ways — this is especially true for LGBTQIA2S+ artists.

Artists in the LGBTQIA2S+ space are often faced with the responsibility of working extra hard to reach new fans and promote their work. The good news is that there are many ways fans can help support and promote their favorite artists. Let’s take a look at the top Six.

How to Support Your Favorite Artist?

Stream Their Content

These days, many performers are choosing to broadcast their talents online through streaming platforms. With so many unique online platforms available, you can easily find your favorite trans shows and LGBTQIA2S+ performers and consume as much content as you want from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.

Streaming content can have powerful impacts on the longevity of artists’ careers and shows future collaborators that there is an audience and a demand for the content they’re creating.

Go to Their Shows

There’s nothing like watching a live performance, whether it’s a play, a concert, a play, or anything in between. Live shows are arguably the best way to support artists you’re a fan of since they often get the largest cut of the profits.

Live events bring fans together in an environment where they might not otherwise see each other. In a welcoming environment, with eager fans watching from the audience, this type of support is what keeps these artists striving to reach for more in their careers.

Visit Their Websites

An artist’s website is the hub of their entire operation. On their website, you’ll find information about their upcoming performances, notable appearances and awards, and background about their careers that help you get to know them better as artists.

Most LGBTQIA2S+ artists offer newsletter sign-ups through their website. Signing up for their newsletter is a great way to stay connected with your favorites and ensures you always know when they’ll be performing near you.

Engage on Social Media

Social media has become an effective tool for artists to not only promote their work but to also connect with their fans. Most performers in the LGBTQIA2S+ space have social media presences where they can interact with followers and keep them up-to-date on new releases, appearances, and performances.

If your favorite artist is on social media and you aren’t already following them, this small step can make a big difference in their audience reach. Consider sharing their posts or promoting their work to your followers, which can help them engage with potential new fans.

Buy Their Merch

If you’ve ever attended a concert, you’ve likely seen a merchandising table set up in the venue. Merchandise is an important part of an artist’s revenue stream since they are able to take home the majority, if not all, of the profits from those sales.

Tell Your Friends

Word of mouth is a powerful tool that can drive others to various restaurants, live shows, films, or anything that is recommended to them by someone they know and trust. When it comes to promoting artists you’re passionate about in the community, wherever they fall in the entertainment industry, word of mouth can create a buzz around them and cause enough intrigue that others show up to their performances or purchase their music.

If there are talented LGBTQIA2S+ artists that you think deserve a wider audience, simply telling your close friends and family can make all the difference. If those people enjoy what they consume, they’re more likely to tell others in their network.

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