The greatest place to start when designing a beautiful house is on the floor. Nobody blows timber flooring when it comes to carrying warmth and beauty to a room. It not only provides a place with a nice look, but it also adds a sense of luxury.

Hardwood floors are beautiful. They bring out the inner class that was there all along. Houses and living rooms become impressive. And to maintain that class, you need to make some changes and work to keep it that way. Henceforth here are nearly tips that will help you clean your timber flooring spotless.

Necessary Precautions While Doing Timber Flooring:

Wood flooring looks elegant and beautiful. It provides an antique look to the household and also comes in handy with sound-producing. But maintaining wood flooring is no child’s play. It needs a lot of observation and struggle. Nevertheless, to retain your timber flooring as good as innovative for the longest time. 

Here are about precautions that you need to take on top of its care.

Moisture is Not Merry:

The moisture content in the air plays a huge role in the maintenance of the floor. The more the moisture, the worse it is for your floor. Therefore, make sure that the air remains dry. You can do this by two methods. Either, place your timber flooring in a room wherein the moisture content is generally low. Otherwise, you can choose for the dehumidifier to keep the air clean and dry. If moisture finds a way to your floor, it will swell up and make it squeaky.

Recoating The Surface:

Regardless of maintenance and regular cleaning, you will have to recoat the timber flooring at least once in a while. Even though the vibrancy and colour should last up to 20 years, you should maintain a regular coating service. This will keep the floor clean and lively.

Cleaning Products:

Timber is still wood; thus, most of it is natural no matter how much processed it is. Therefore make sure you do not use abrasive cleaning products that may damage the material. If done so irresponsibly, you may find that the colour is fading. Moreover, the surface of the flooring might start to chip.

Baking Soda & Vinegar:

One of the better solutions that many people have come up with is basking soda and vinegar. This combination is perfect for removing hard and stubborn stains from the surface. Even though this is a very effective DIY, too much vinegar and baking soda will damage the timber flooring. The acidity in the vinegar will ruin the material and make it appear more yellow. Hence if you are using this DIY to clean the surface, make sure to do so within limits. 

How To Take Care of Your Timber Floor? 

Nowadays that we have recognized what you should not do let’s talk about what you should do. Below is a set of instructions that will help you manage your timber flooring without harming it. The steps are pretty straightforward and thus will allow you to keep your floors clean and beautiful.

Cleaning & Mopping:

You need to regularly clean your timber flooring for best results. That would including dusting and mopping with a gentle cleanser. You can opt for a DIY cleanser, that is, apple cider vinegar. It is much gentler on your floor but makes sure to dilute it regardless.

Polishing Vs Coating: 

Polishing your timber flooring is an essential part of maintenance. Polishing and coating are two different things. Therefore, if you do not understand the difference, make sure to read on. Applying a protective coat is called recoating. It is so done to ensure that minimum damage is produced later on. Polishing would include the finishing that you make at the end of the work. It needs time to settle down and gives a shiny appearance later.


Timber flooring maintenance is effortless, but it also requires some amount of work. Hence to ensure maximum care, you will need to put in the effort. If you have pets, make sure that their claws are trimmed to not damage the floor.