In life, balance is related to money. Checking balance means checking what’s remaining in bank accounts. Balance also relates to the talk time of your phone. But in today’s times, we need to keep assessing our health balance as well. From childhood we are listening to poems and rhymes telling us to wake up early in the morning, not to eat sugar and not only study but also play. But how many of us have really applied them in our real life?

We just learn these rhymes and stories for marks and that’s their purpose. There are drinks available in the market that are full of sugar and best-selling in the world. It’s just an example, there are many. If you ask any teenager, what do they want in real life he or she would probably talk about becoming rich and earning more money.

Wealth has become the main ambition of today’s people to the extent that they are ready to sideline health. This is the reason diseases are spreading more than ever. Pharmaceutical companies are selling billions of drugs indicating how dependent we have become on pills. In this article, we shall talk about how to remain fit all the time with simple steps in regular life.

Definition of Health

We often get disillusioned by a lot of things and enter into a state where we want a solution but don’t know the question itself. In matters of health, what does a healthy life mean for today’s person? Today’s generation spends most of its time on social media scrolling feeds on Instagram and Facebook. They see models flaunting their six-pack abs which makes it look aspirational. To fulfil this dream men and women enrol themselves in the gym. But is this what being healthy means? One need not be an athlete for being healthy. We all are engaged in different professions and walks of life. Not everyone can afford nor it is required to be an athlete.

Being healthy just means that you can do your work by yourself without any external help. It means that your immunity system is strong enough to shield you against antibodies. You are not stressed; your sex life is satisfying and your heart pumps at a normal rate. This sums up the overall definition of being healthy.

A lot of people related health with only physical health but mental health is equally important. You cannot be termed healthy if you have constantly taken sleeping pills and Erectile Dysfunction pills like Cenforce 150 or Fildena.

How to manage health balance

Managing our health requires little consciousness and alertness over the activities which we perform in daily life. From the way we sleep to the food, we eat managing health balance covers all. Below are the few steps are given on how to achieve the feat:

Eating good

By many health experts, our stomach has been termed the second brain. A good stomach results in a happy mind and overall metabolism. A small complication in the stomach regarding digestion, secretion or any reason can affect the whole body. By eating good food, you can ensure that your stomach is happy. But what qualifies for good food? They are all items that get digested easily and do not add up to bad cholesterol. Due to misinformation or extreme diet, people think of fats as unnecessary. This brings the concept of a balanced diet which we learned in class 7. Every nutrient, be it carbohydrate, fats, vitamins and minerals are necessary for overall development.

Fats are stored energy that is used in situations where food is not consumed. For example, during fasting, we do not consume food but still, we can perform all functions. The stored fats are being used to run the body.

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Getting a good sleep

Ironically, science and technology were invented to make our lives easier. But despite such innovations today we don’t have enough time to sleep. People are so engrossed in their work that sleeping is compromised. They fail to understand the importance of lack of sleep. Insufficient sleep increases stress levels, disturbs the sleep cycle making the person vulnerable to insomnia, depression and other psychological disorders. It can even affect your sex life by decreasing libido and erection. Drugs like Cenforce 200 from are then taken before sex to get a hard penis.

Yoga and Meditation for concentration

As earlier said common men need not be athletes and work out for 6 to 7 hours. Jogging, running or a half an hour morning walk is enough. Add yoga and meditation to your daily routine. One hour of yoga and meditation can solve all your health problems. It reduces stress levels, stabilizes the sleep cycle, blood pressure is normalized and overall metabolism rate surges.


There can be n number of ways to manage health not possible to list all of them. Try not to fall on drugs for minor problems. Give focus on boosting the immune system to fight back the disorder naturally.