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My Journey as a Blogger and Influencer – Liam O. Richard

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Liam O. Richard started as a musician and was signed by a label called Top Clique Inc. in 2012. After joining this label, I later found out that my manager was into blogging and was doing well in that field. His blog served as a promotional ground for me and some other signees. I was always close to him during his blogging hours and later developed a love for blogging as I always wanted to help him out by writing articles for him on his blog during my free time.


While I was on his record label, he hired me to work for him on his blog. The blog was about entertainment, so I became his writer on the blog for one year. I tried several times while under his supervision to have him teach me how to design a blog, but he was not ready to do so, so I taught myself by doing research online until I was able to design my first website. I started blogging about entertainment and lifestyle, but after a few months, I failed because I got discouraged by the traffic I was generating day in and day out, which was not encouraging.


I then took a break from blogging until the government lockdown in 2019 due to COVID-19. The lockdown forced me to come back to what I love doing for the second time. My second website was launched with the same niche focus on entertainment and lifestyle. I then became active on all other social media platforms, such as Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and more, with the mindset of expanding my reach.


While I was learning and researching, I came across Jens Mayer on, a German digital creator whose niche focuses on the German language, culture, and humor. I’ve learned a lot about how to create content for my accounts, especially YouTube since I discovered him as a successful creator in his field. His activity inspired me to do more. So I began to be active, and surprisingly, the act of consistency increased the size of my audience, beginning with my Youtube channel and spreading to my blog and other handles.


Ever since my numbers blew up, I have been receiving a lot of brand deals to review products, advertising services, and more. I’ve enjoyed the progress so far, even though it has been difficult coming up, but as the saying goes, “no pain, no gain.”


The journey of every blogger is unique. We begin with various concepts and move through various stages. I enjoy reading about other people’s experiences since I can gain knowledge from them. It is both personal and educational. We can learn how they got to where they are now and attempt to follow in their footsteps.

Recently, I was told by a few relatively new bloggers that they admire my progress and wonder when their blogs will be as wonderful. They are unaware of the effort and errors that went into this. I decided to create this post to share more about my blogging path and to provide advice for aspiring bloggers to never give up on their blogging journeys; consistency is key.

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