April 18, 2024

What Is The Reason For Pokimane’s Popularity? Reaction Of People To Pokimane’s No Makeup Look

Pokimane No Makeup

Imane anys is famous with the name, Pokimane and she is trending with the term Pokimane without Makeup, or Pokimane no Makeup. She is by birth belongs from Canada and Morocco. 

What Is Twitch?

Most people are not known about the term “twitch” and they want to know “What’s Twitch” This is a broadcasting community of video games. People live stream when they are playing video games, to get their fans in touch with them. So their fans will keep on track, moreover, they can learn from their inspirational personality. In this, an option appears which is used to discuss the game, and to analyze the fame with all the viewers of the games. 

Who Is Pokimane’ and Why She’s Popular?

The celebrity whom we are going to discuss is a well-known Live Streaming League of Legends, A Battle Arena Video Game. She is a really good gamer and always loves to get in touch with her fans. This is the cause for the establishment of her work immediately by the viewers. While in the year 2018, the pictures of Pokimane got viral and were spreading all over the internet and the world. 

The Number of Followers on Different Social Media Platforms 

She has a huge fan following on different social media platforms. We are going to mention the fans of different platforms. Let’s take a look at them!

  • YouTube subscribers 5.76 Million 
  • Twitch Followers: 5.9 Million
  • Instagram Followers: 5.9 Million 

The Reason for Pokimane’s Popularity 

She is a famous star and is very famous due to the attractive and glamourous looks she has. Obviously, we are talking about the look she has with the makeup. We will also talk about the looks she has without makeup. 

One of the main reasons for Pokimane’s popularity is her “No Makeup’s Controversy”. 

What Are Simps?

One of the reasons for her popularity is her take on simps, which is an addition to her fan following. Some people are not known about simps, so let us explain what are simps. Simps are the men who are crazily obsessed with the woman despite her cheap activities and wrongdoings. We are discussing simps in this article because the major fan following of pokimane has consisted of mostly simps. That’s why it’s necessary to know about them first. A few years ago simps fans were criticized by the people, and the pokimane was criticized as well due to defending them. 

Here We Are Going To Quote, What Pokimane Said About This

“…Calling people simps can be obnoxious and discourages men from even being nice to women on the internet. I am biased towards them (simps) and the (simp) culture has been beneficial to my career.”

While streaming, she often used to wear makeup. She has a signature look, which is obviously the symbol of her beauty and makes her appearance more dominant. 

Pokimane Controversy 

A day in history Pokimane took a challenging decision. She expresses to stream without having makeup on her face. The results and reactions from her fans and followers were just shocking and unbelievable. It was a boom, most of her fans, did not even recognize her that is she really Pokimane? There was a major difference in her both looks, “With Makeup” and “Without Makeup”. 

Pokimane’s Pictures with and without Makeup 

The pictures we have were enough to see the difference and to prove the major difference in both looks she had. Her first-ever picture of the No Makeup look was posted on Twitter a social media platform. The picture was uploaded by a netizen whose name was Nekodell. Later, he apologized for his illegal activities as well. Those pictures were saved by internet users immediately, and they thank Nekodell for the humor content that he gave to them. Those pictures are not available in the formal arena, now. 

Pokimane Decided To Get In Touch With Her Fans via Live Stream 

Over time, she was liked and adored by the people. She likes to interact with her fans, and one day she decided to get to know her fans, and how she gets ready before going to stream. This was the first experience, that her fans saw her without makeup. The issues of feminism and unrealistic expectations by women and several other arguments arose among the people. In this controversial live stream, she not even did her makeup online in front of her fans, but also discussed it. What she said about her “No Makeup” live stream is quoted below:

“I know not having makeup on is unusual, and some people might meme for it, or whatever, but I think it’s good to not always just be promoting. I look like this naturally. When you have makeup on, you look like you have makeup on.”

After-Effects of Live Streaming 

The later effects were even worse than the expectations of Pokimane. There was a flood of memes by people on the internet after her live stream without makeup. People criticized her mostly, but support as well, by the fellow streamers. 

Use of Hashtags to Get Viral the Pokimane’s Pictures Without Makeup 

We know that this digital world and news spread like fire in the forests. People don’t get over them and spread them quickly on the internet. This is very simple to convert anything into a trend using the internet. People use posts and hashtags to get viral content. Similarly, Pokimane’s popularity was because of the hashtags on the posts with “No Makeup Pokimane”, “Pokimane No Makeup”, and “Pokimane without Makeup”. These hashtags made the pictures go viral and spread all around the world in no time. We know that it takes no time to search on the internet about anything, and there are thousands of results that appear in just a second. 

The Reaction of Pokimane against the Competitors

Not even this; the competitors are using it to tease her fans. No matter the reason, this trend benefits Pokimane to increase her popularity. This thing increases the curiosity of her followers related to her makeup. Everyone likes and wanted to look attractive and glamorous. We are going to quote the view of Pokimane in this regard. 

“Calling someone else ugly isn’t going to make you any prettier”

This quote shows her inner feelings of her, that she is not fine with the reactions and reviews she got trolled from people. She did not like the behavior of the people while presenting herself in her original form. 

Sisterly Spirit of Her Female Supporters

Besides this, some followers were continuously supporting and loving her. They used to ask her about all the stuff that she dealt with the negative content from the people. This trend was moved forward with a large number of female streamers who used to post their pictures without makeup with references to Pokimane. With all these happenings the hashtags, sooner converted into the new trend. This proves a sisterly spirit and a source of sparking feminism. 

Share Your Thoughts About This Article’s Accumulated Information!

You can measure your feelings with us as well, about the viral hashtags used for her pictures. You can also share us with your thoughts about pokimane no makeup. What does she use to do while steaming? You can share more about her if you want.

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