One of the best ways to enjoy your free time is by watching rainierland movies you love or web series you like. It not only freshen your mind but also relaxes your mood. Besides, the joy of watching your favorite actors & actresses on the screen is just unexplainable. But, it is not possible that whenever you’ll be free the TV operator or channels you watch will be showing the content you actually want to see. So how you’re going to watch something you love in your free time?

Don’t worry; we are just here to solve this problem so that you can watch whatever you want to and whenever you love to. There are many online streaming websites you might have come across and heard of. But are all worthy or do they have what you are looking for? The answer is a big no and you might also have noticed it. But Rainierland is one of such websites that can deliver almost all the contents you wish to watch.

What are Rainierland Movies?

Rainierland movies are one of the most popular online streaming platforms that one can trust and enjoy streaming his/her favorite movies, TV shows, and web series. You can easily access it and watch your favorite content whenever you wish to. It is one such platform that is not only easy to use but also has a great user interface. You might also be able to watch many live TV shows on this platform.

Features of Rainierland Movies

Let’s see some of the key features of this wonderful online streaming website.

Simple and Interactive User Interface

The first and foremost thing to attract visitors to any website is to make it engaging, easy, and informational. Rainierland has clicked all the checkboxes with these points. It is quite a simple platform that even a user with basic internet knowledge will be able to efficiently navigate to what he is looking for. Besides, you will interactive homepage of this website having posters of movies with their names and video quality.

Huge Database

As we’ve discussed above, Rainierland offers almost all genres and categories of content to its users. This is only possible because of its oceanic database having very large numbers of movies, TV shows, animation movies, and web series. Apart from all, the users can refine the search results according to their interests including action, romance, horror, comedy, fiction, fantasy, Sci-fi, and much more. You will find a lot more while you visit the site.

Free! Free!

Yes, this website is completely free to use and one just needs to have an active internet connection with good speed to enjoy buffer-free videos. Plus, you will also not see any tedious setup procedure for creating an account. With a few simple steps, you will enter the site and start enjoying its services without filling any credit card details. This platform can also be enjoyed without signing up.

Top-Quality Video Streaming

According to the subject of availability, Rainierland offers high-quality videos of movies or series to ensure a great user experience. It also gives the flexibility to change the video quality as per the user’s choice and internet speed.

Regular Updates

The users have noticed that the content on this platform gets automatically updated weekly and the latest contents are added. This means while using Rainierland, you will stay updated about what’s new in Bollywood or Hollywood. All the new additions will be visible on the homepage, thus you don’t have to navigate anywhere else.

Without Any Interruptions

It has been noticed by the users that no advertisements or any other kind of interruptions were there while streaming video on Rainierland. This is another major advantage of using this platform for online streaming.

These are some of the positives that come out while using Rainierland and are enough to say why this platform is one of the best for streaming movies online. The experience, especially for first-time users will just be amazing when they visit this website to spend leisure time.

Legality Issues

Just like other online streaming platforms, Rainierland also faced question marks regarding its legality, and this site was banned from several countries as well. Reports have said that the owner Rainer Tamayo was arrested by concerned authorities for posting violating content on his website in the year 2016. He was found guilty of copyright infringement, but since his arrest, no information came out about further actions.

If we look at the technical perspective, posting pirated content without the consent of concerned authorities is illegal and that is the main reason why such sites are penalized. Despite the ban, Rainierland remained one of the most popular platforms for streaming content online. The key reason for its popularity was its easy user interface and the large amount of data it serves.

How to use Rainierland safely?

There are solutions to many problems and there are also many solutions to the problem as well. Similar is the case with any online streaming website that has been banned by the concerned authorities. One of the safest ways to use such platforms is by using a VPN. It will not only mask your current location but also allows you to use it in a region where this site is blocked.


Technologists are experts in finding an alternative to a problem with its solution. The same is the case with this; we have several alternatives that can be used instead of Rainierland. The reason for choosing an alternative could be anything, either you are not able to access it or is banned in your region. We will discuss some of the alternatives that are as good as this platform is.

123 Movies

It is one of the platforms that you can use for streaming online movies and even downloading them. In case your favorite Rainierland is not working, you can anytime switch to 123 Movies for utilizing free time by doing what you like the most.


Another website that a user can use for watching his/her favorite content is Putlocker. It is also known for having a simple user interface and a wide genre of movies & web series available for its users.

Geeker enables users to play unlimited videos of their interest for free. Plus, it also offers an engaging platform to browse the content you are looking for in a hassle-free manner. You will love Geeker as an alternative to Rainierland.


Don’t miss this one if you are looking for an alternative to your very own Rainierland. It is also a free movie-watching platform that can also be used for streaming your favorite TV shows.

The Bottom Line:

Since technology is evolving each passing day, there are new and better platforms coming out to offer free online streaming. One such great platform is Rainierland Movies and despite being banned it has numerous users. You cannot take simplicity and a wide range of data away from this website. Besides, we have also discussed some of the alternatives that one can use.