Before the digital era, customer engagement was totally dependent on how the store was built. But in today’s world of advanced technologies, it takes more than just building an appealing website to attract customers. Choosing the eCommerce platform that works best for your business is essential, but what after you have built the website? How will you reach potential customers? What ways will you implement to make the visitors shop from your website than from your competitors?

Search engine rankings make it easy for users to find your site, as the higher the ranking, the more traffic will come to your eCommerce store, which will gradually increase sales. 

SEO is the right way out of the box that comes with distinct features, but many more factors are liable to rank the website higher on the search results. 

Let us take you through the critical steps to master SEO for your eCommerce website and rank on #1 in Google search results. 

1. Optimize Your Site Structure

The way you showcase or organize the content on the website is essential for SEO success. When the visitors can find things quickly and easily that they are looking for, they tend to spend more time visiting the other pages of a website, which directly improves the search engine rankings. Moreover, the straightforward site structure makes it easy for search engines to crawl the website and rank the products & services. 

2. Focus on User Experience

Creating user-friendly websites is a necessity to offer a great user experience. Implementing various ways like improving the page loading speed and making use of responsive design directly impacts the website’s performance. These ways are perfect for enhancing the user experience plus the ranking on search results.

Boost the site speed: Speed is all about accessibility. When your site moves quickly and is easy to navigate, then visitors do not get irritated. This usually makes the visitors stay at your site for a longer time. Moreover, you can further make use of user-friendly themes and optimized images and avoid using sliders to keep the website as simple and easy to use as possible. 

3. Research the Right Keywords 

How do you find the right keywords?

The best way is not to use fancy tools, but investing the time on doing the keyword research that visitors use while searching a business like yours can help you improve your site ranking. You need to think about what you might have searched by putting yourself in the place of the users. This enables you to understand the customer requirements and target the keywords accordingly.

4. Optimize Your Products Pages

When you gather the list of keywords and a simple site structure, the next step comes to optimize every single page of your site using the keywords. Using keywords can be done while creating the meta titles and descriptions for various products and categories. Furthermore, optimizing the images with alt text can better rank high on the search results. 

5. Build Links to Your Site 

Backlinks are word of mouth and the best optimization technique that relies on establishing the credibility of your website. Backlinks can be created by either requesting the high PA DA websites to post your blog or reaching the industry leaders to generate both the content and links for your website. Whatever method you opt for creating the quality backlinks, you’ll benefit from a higher ranking at the end.  

6. Rank Higher With Quality Content

Now, as everything is organized, it comes the turn for content marketing. Content is the reason that attracts the customers and makes them visit your site. As an eCommerce website owner, you must provide the product descriptions with enough content so that visitors can quickly get to know each and everything about the product. Deciding the content to write is a daunting task but can be executed by creating a list of questions users usually ask you or ask about your services or products. It’s because the content is liable for making the customers aware of your brand’s existence. This is the only best and the easiest way to build backlinks and rank more keywords.  

7. Make Use of SEO Tools and Plugins

Site speed is one of the essential factors that influence site ranking. Installing and setting up the right plugin can make way for a high site ranking on Google searches. These plugins boost the eCommerce website loading speed further, allowing the upload of optimized images that significantly improve the website’s overall performance. 

Working through each of these steps can help you climb up the search ranking results in a shorter time period, further increasing your business. However, suppose you are seeking bespoke local business SEO services for your business. In that case, you can move to employ better SEO service providers as they can manage your site well and make it rank higher on Google search results. All the Best!