April 18, 2024
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Easy Ways to Submit Extension to Magento Marketplace in 2023

How to submit Extension on Magento Marketplace

If you’re looking to sell your extension to the thousands of online merchants who use Magento, the best location to do so is on the Magento marketplace. There is a marketplace called Magento Marketplace (formerly Adobe Commerce Marketplace) that offers a wide variety of add-ons, both free and paid, for Magento-powered web stores. For those looking for extensions for Magento and Adobe Commerce, this is the place to look.

Magento Place

Adobe controls this dependable tool. If you’re looking for a reliable Magento development agency, you can find one that suits your needs. With their expertise in Magento and the ability to create useful extensions, these agencies can help you maximize your online business potential. Additionally, if you have experience in Magento development and create valuable extensions, partnering with a Magento development agency can be a lucrative opportunity. You can showcase and sell your extensions on the Magento Marketplace, earning significant profits.

Adobe gives its Magento marketplace sellers 85% of its total income from product sales. A few stages are involved in getting a Magento extension listed on the Magento marketplace, and they can be confusing for newcomers. Remember, if you’re searching for a skilled Magento developer, you can hire agency to provide the expertise you need.

We’ve written a comprehensive guide on uploading an extension to the Magento marketplace to assist Magento developers in doing just that.

Factors to Think About Before Putting a Plugin on Magento’s Marketplace

Ensure you have a Magento seller identity set up and all necessary materials assembled before submitting the extension to Magento in the marketplace. Here’s a rundown of everything you’ll need to file your extension request successfully.

Explanation in Technical Terms:

  • Source Bundle for Extensions (Max 30 MB ZIP File)
  • A User’s Handbook and Setup Instructions (Max 5 MB PDF File)
  • Documentation for Publication
  • Details Regarding Product Licenses
  • Versions of Magento-compatible extensions 

Marketing information:

  • Title and Detailed Description of the Merchandise Icon
  • Connections to Videos (Optional)
  • Rates and Interoperability Data for Different Releases

Ensure you have everything to submit the extension to the Magento store before you start. Adobe’s Business DevDocs has more information.

Process for Uploading a Module to Magento’s Online Store

When you are ready to submit your application to the Magento marketplace, you can do so by assembling the necessary materials. The Magento marketplace extension submission procedure consists of five steps:

Step 1:Making a Brand-New Add-On

Step 2: Resubmit Your WorkSte

Step 3: Detailed Filing of Technical Information

Step 4: Commercialization Proposal

Step 5: Consider the Outcomes

Below, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about submitting an extension to Magento’s store.

Step 1: A New Expansion Must Created

New Expansion Must Created

Go to your Magento marketplace account’s Extensions page and log in. It will detail all of your Magento Marketplace extensions, including their platform, amount of versions, most recent version, and more.

To make a new extension, head to the Extensions page and hit the icon labeled “Create New Extension” at the top of the table listing existing extensions. You can now fill out the Magento extension’s foundational details in the open Create New Extension window.

  • To give your application a name, type it.
  • Introducing the Latest Release of the Adobe Business Platform! Make sure you’re using an extension-ready version of Adobe Commerce.
  • To what extent are you open to selling your Product: Pick out the payment scheme for the added time.
  • Does this add-on allow third-party business integration (i.e., not with Adobe Commerce)? Select “Yes” if the add-on allows for the incorporation of external services.
  • When you’re ready to submit your extension to the Magento marketplace, select the Save and Continue option once you’ve completed the form.

Step 2: Resend in a Revised Draft

If submitting a new add-on version, proceed to Step 2 and select the Submit a New Version button. For further expansion information, a Submit a New Version window will appear.

What Is The Number For The Latest Release Of Adobe’s Business Software? The usual extension version is 1.0.0, which you should enter if you are working with a brand-new release.

You can request a custom start date or immediately activate the extension once it has been approved.

To submit the extension’s technical and marketing details, select the “Continue” button.

Step 3: Technical Report

It is time to send technical information about the Magento extension once you have finished creating it and filling in the basic details. Go to the technical submittal section and fill out the necessary information about the Magento add-on.

  • To submit an expansion, please include its source code in a ZIP archive. It’s important to know that 30 MB is the utmost capacity for the code package.
  • Marketplace The version of the extension you specified in the prior step will be shown here. Compare it to the label on your box to make sure they match.
  • Check off all the Adobe Commerce versions that work with your edition of Magento open source.
  • Identify which page builders your platform supports by checking the boxes next to them.
  • Select the appropriate license for your extension, or supply a unique license URL, below.
  • Materials and Guides: Please include the extension’s documentation, whether it’s a User’s Guide, Reference Manual, or Installation Instructions. At Least One Minimal
  • Cost-Sharing Bundles: Identify the extension’s required shared files and install them.
  • Release Notes: Describe any changes made to the application in this section. Input “Initial Release” if the application is being released for the first time.
  • After entering all of the necessary information into the technical submission form, you should double-check it for accuracy before clicking the “Submit” option.

Step 4: Publish Your Marketing Material

The following seven sections make up the marketing submittal section:

  • File Types: Images and Movies with Extension Descriptions
  • Additional Information on Compatibility, Pricing, and Extension Help
  • Materials and Guides
  • Extensive Explanation
  • To send a brief summary of your Magento add-on, go to the Marketing submission section and select Extension description from the left-hand menu.

Fill in the name of your Magento add-on here.

In this field, you can enter a detailed explanation of your application, such as an overview, a list of its features and capabilities, security protocols, etc.

To add an extension to the Magento market, decide which category it best fits into.

After entering all the information, double-check it to ensure there are no typos, and then select the Save Section button; you’re all set.

Photographs and Moving Pictures

Once you’ve finished writing your summary and hit “Save,” you can add pictures and videos by selecting “Images and Videos” from the left-hand menu.

Please provide an icon for your application. Images saved as JPG, PNG, or JPEG at 240×240 pixels are acceptable for use as symbols.

Images for the Extension: Please upload at least two photos. Illustrations can either be descriptive or actual photos of the add-on in action.

To help promote your add-on, please include links to relevant videos (e.g., product demos, how-tos, implementation instructions, and customer reviews) hosted on YouTube. Selecting this box as required is not required.

When you’re finished adding the icon, images, and video URL, select the Save Section button at the page’s bottom.


Select the Adobe Commerce version and compatible platforms by clicking Compatibility in the left-hand panel. Do not forget to save your work before moving on to the next portion of the Marketing submission.


To specify the cost of the upgrade, go to the Pricing section of the Marketing Proposal. The USD extension costs for the various Magento and Adobe Commerce releases should be entered here. Extension construction costs can be added as well.

Click the Save Section button to keep the extension pricing information you provided.

Extension Support

Please disregard the extension support section for subscription-based goods, as it is only relevant to extensions with a one-time pricing model.

Additional Information

To add further information about the add-on, use the left side to navigate to the marketing submission’s Additional Details section. The extension’s build stability and other settings can be adjusted here.

Please indicate whether or not the extension build you are sending is stable.

Different Paths: Mark the relevant boxes for additional application settings.

Use the Save icon at the page’s footer to save a new section.

Materials and Guides

Documentation and Resources are the final phases of the marketing submittal process. Choose one PDF file up to 5 MB in size from the User Handbook, Reference Manual, or Installation Guide and upload it here.

Add the files, then hit the Save Section option on the page’s bottom.

Before submitting your marketing materials for review, make sure everything is correct by clicking the Preview option after you’ve filled out all the necessary fields. Lastly, select the ” Submit ” checkbox to send the extension off to marketing for approval.

Step 5: Analyze Outcomes

After the technical and promotional components have been submitted, the extension’s test results can be found in the Review Results section. All the necessary information, including exam descriptions, results, and downloadable reports, is right here. You can revise and resubmit if any of the checks fail on your update.

After your application has been approved both technically and commercially, it will be made available in the Magento extension store. With your Magento extension now listed on such a reputable and well-known Marketplace, you’re set to reap the financial benefits of this move. The Marketplace Developer portal also features a Reports > Analytics section, where you can assess your goods’ success.

I hope this article’s information will prove invaluable as you prepare to release your Magento extension.

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