May 18, 2024

Understanding Temporary Classrooms For Students

Temporary Classrooms for students

Various learning institutions such as primary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities will often need extra space for classrooms or other learning activities such as carrying out science experiments or storage space. However, building new permanent structures may not be a viable option in some circumstances, such as during emergencies or when there is a shortage of funds.

Temporary structures have emerged as one of the best space solutions for learning institutions. Temporary buildings can meet multiple different needs at affordable costs. This article seeks to explore temporary classrooms to shed more light on what they are, what their benefits are, and other important points

What Are Temporary Classrooms?

Temporary classrooms are structures that offer learning institutions turnkey solutions to their space needs, be it to accommodate an unexpectedly large student intake, or to provide more space — for example, to allow for distancing students physically as was required during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. The buildings may also provide accommodation after fires and other mishaps that render existing structures uninhabitable. They are built using steel frames, and covering that may be either PVC cladding or even steel sheets. Manufacturers fabricate the temporary classrooms in their factories and deliver the parts to the sites where they are quickly assembled saving time, money, and labor.

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What Are The Benefits Of Temporary Classrooms?

Temporary learning buildings have several benefits:


Unlike permanent structures that cost a great deal to construct, temporary classrooms are cost-effective and help learning institutions meet their space needs without exceeding their budgets. These structures are available in different dimensions, and schools can order a solution that suits their budget, and meet their needs.

Quick to install

Schools and other learning institutions have to follow tight schedules and cannot afford to close for extended periods as a result of emergencies such as fires or other things that necessitate seeking space solutions. Temporary classrooms are fast to erect and can be completed and be in a usable state in a few days or weeks—helping the institutions continue with their programs without too many interruptions. If your school is looking for high-quality temporary classrooms, you can find this manufacturer and order your structures to enjoy their benefits.


Another great advantage of temporary classrooms is that they are easy to customise to meet the institution’s specific needs. The schools can order buildings as per their required dimensions, and even have them customised to their use by having better ventilation, more light and so on. The classrooms and other temporary buildings may also be constructed to match the school standards and blend in well with the permanent structures.


Temporary classrooms allow schools to have the freedom to move them from one campus to another, or even to only erect them when needed and dismantle them when no longer needed. They are made in a way that allows them to be dismantled without any damage and their materials are easy to transport from one location to another.


Do you care about the environment and want to conserve it? You should consider buying temporary classrooms if you need extra space. The construction of non-permanent structures does not involve extensive excavation, and use of heavy machines and equipment. Also, the erection of these buildings adheres to environmental regulations and they are mostly made using recyclable materials.

What Are Some Of The Considerations When Buying Temporary Classrooms?

When planning to acquire temporary buildings, especially for use as classrooms, you need to consider the following things:

  • The size of the classrooms: depending on the number of students and staff that will use the class, choose an appropriate size that can accommodate all of them adequately. The more occupants, the bigger the building should be.
  • Ant customization: you need to factor in any need you may have for customised facilities and items such as internet and power sockets, water supply and adequate windows to allow the use of natural light to save energy costs. Also, you may want a customised design, so consider this and place your order accordingly.
  • Your budget: you need to ensure the temporary buildings that you order fit within your budget. The size, customisation, design, types of materials used and other factors determine the cost of the building so you need to plan according to your budget.
  • Durability: if you want temporary classrooms that will last longer, you need to buy those made with more durable materials such as steel cladding and not PVC covering. The choice of material will affect the cost, so consider that as you plan.


Temporary classrooms offer affordable space solutions to schools and other learning institutions and save construction time because they can be constructed in a few days or weeks. Only hire or buy temporary buildings from reputable manufacturers and suppliers to get high-quality structures and enjoy the various benefits of these buildings.

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