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If you want to be slim for health reasons or want to wear an old pair of jeans, which probably shrunk in the wash. You are required to have a little bit of scientific know-how,  and also need the patience to lose weight. Before starting to lose weight, you need to know how much fat your body has and it is the most important factor in losing extra fats from your body. It might be difficult to calculate body fat for you, but with the use of an online body fat percentage calculator, you can easily find how much fat & body mass you have.

Tips to Lose Body Fat:

Here are some of the useful tips that can help you in losing body fat quickly.

Avoid Making Unsustainable Changes:

One of the best tips is to stop making the changes that you can follow on a regular basis. Before starting to follow a fat loss plan, you have to be realistic. Changing too many bad habits at the same time is no doubt impossible for anyone. It is also very difficult to maintain the changes for a few days to lose weight when there are so many changes to do. To make the ideal changes to your lifestyle you need to know your body type, which is complex to find. For ease, use the body fat calculator that lets you know in which category your body fat falls.

Set Mini-Goals:

Setting up the mini-goals is another useful tip on our list that will assist you to lose weight faster & effectively. If you’re thinking of losing 50 pounds by losing 1 to 2 pounds in a week, then this strategy will not work out well &  impact your health so badly. Instead of big goals, breaking them into smaller goals like losing 5 pounds by the end of the month will be a beneficial move to lose weight effectively. Here you can get an advantage to use the body fat percentage calculator to know fat percentage depending on height, weight, age, gender, and hip measurement.

Plan your Meals and Snacks Ahead of Time:

You have to convert a master planner if you want to lose weight effectively. You need to keep checking the intake of your calories and your healthy food choices. Plan your meals with the accurate amount of calories your body requires in each meal according to your current body fat percentage. The BF percentage is difficult to calculate when different parameters are taken into account such as height, weight, hip measurement, etc. Simply, try the online BF calculator that calculates the fat percentage in a matter of seconds. 

Eat More Healthy Fats:

It might be counterintuitive, but increasing the consumption of healthy fats in your diet can help to prevent yourself from gaining weight & also helps to maintain the feeling of fullness. Fats take a bit more time to digest but help in slowing down the speed of emptying of the stomach, which can be helpful to reduce appetite & hunger. However, it is very important to calculate the intake of fats according to your current body state, which might be complex to figure out. But no worries, try out the body fat percentage calculator that tells in which category of the body you fall.

Get 7 to 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night:

Different studies show that sleep is extremely important and is effective for fat loss. Since it allows the body to work on returning itself & its functions. Having good sleep promotes the repairing of the tissues, protein synthesis, immunity, and lower blood pressure, and all these play a vital role to support healthy fat loss.


There are numerous options to choose from that helps you to shed excess fat and also improves your health as well. Variations you are going to make essential be according to your body fat percentage. The calculation might take some because of the parameters used to calculate, but you can get the result quicker by using the body fat percentage calculator. You get the results related to your body fat percentage.