The bedroom should be a place you can experience quality hibernation. Ask your interior designer if they can help you create an intimate space with extra softness and warmth. Bedrooms are personal spaces as they are the least public rooms in the home. Therefore, it is vital to make them feel that way. So, you can have some low-effort change in your sleeping space or a complete overhaul, ensuring you create a homey refuge. Below are some cozy bedroom ideas to get you started. 

Choose A Dramatic Bed

Add a four-poster bed to your room for the ultimate cozy feeling. But, if you do not fancy frills or curtains. Opt for a streamlined version with no fabric or crossbeams. In a large bedroom, the four posters emphasize and enclose the bed. Plus, they make the bedroom smaller which has some drama and scale. Also, invest in Stearns and Foster’s comfort mattress for your bed to create the ideal cozy bed.

Add Touches of Wood

No matter the size of the bedroom you have. Add some wood to the walls to add a sense of warmth. It can be elaborate or simple. When real wood is not possible, opt for brilliant wood cladding wallpaper. Also, choosing wood accents and furnishings helps create a cozy feeling in bedroom spaces that you cannot add wallpaper or paneling.

Cozy Up by A Fire

If your bedroom has a fireplace, use it as a way to cozy up a room instead of having it as storage. But, where you lack a functioning fireplace, gather trinkets and candles using the mantel for an intimate feel. Candles are essential to help add warm light to your room, especially if you have no roaring fireplace. Notably, blow them out before you sleep for safety.

Use Lighting to Create Ambiance

Choose to light correctly if you need to cozy up your bedroom. Not a low ceiling light shining on you while you lay in bed. The proper lighting is one you can use after dark. When you turn off the overhead fixture, ready to sleep. Mostly, it is a low light that is best to create an intimate mood. Incorporate a few of these, including mounted ceiling light and bedside lamps. However, the best light of all of these is natural light. 

Add Area Rugs

The first touch when getting out of bed should be a soft surface. But this does not mean you lay down a carpet in the whole room for the cozy effect. Adding a plush area rug works and provides warmth while adding some texture. Try shag rugs or small sheepskin on the sides of the bed. Alternatively, you can layer multiple floor coverings to add softness to them.

Opt For Calming Colors and Natural Materials

Calm and soothing should be your first thought when thinking colors and textures instead of bright color pops. Bold graphic patterns do not fit well in bedrooms. It is better to choose intimate patterns. More so, as you introduce sensuous textures. Faux fur throws, quilted throw pillows, and comfy knits in neutral colors are great choices. Layer these throughout the bedroom space to create a welcoming feel

Add Pillows And More Pillows 

A bed full of pillows is always inviting. Such a bed begs you to jump in and relax. Therefore, as you choose your pillows, do not just think of how cute they are, but how cozy they are for comfort purposes. You do not need to justify the many pillows you have in your bed, but they need to be more than just decorative.

To sum up, the above are some of the things that will make your bed cozy. Also, make sure you shut out tech and exchange with books for a truly relaxing place. Choosing a darker hue also will add coziness. Plus, throws on your bed for an ideal nap location are vital. Dress your bed in plenty of pillows, a comfy blanket, velvet linen, or a luxe duvet. Lastly, adding a personal touch is essential. It makes your space unique. Showcase a family photo, vases, snowballs from travels, and other memoirs.