June 16, 2024

20 Most Disliked Hosts on QVC & Their Facts

dislikes host on qvc

Rude QVC hosts don’t know how to talk to people and are very condescending and full of themselves. There are many incidents in which they show their complete lack of manners and disrespect.

If you are mildly active on social media, you must have seen gossip and memes about these obnoxious QVC hosts. Certainly, many presenters are not currently active on QVC, but there are still some who are, making a high salary. Some viewers find certain hosts so awkward that they actively avoid watching segments with them.

The least favorable hosts on QVC are those who misrepresent their items or companions. This behavior makes the host more interested in making a quick sale than in providing viewers with helpful product information.

Such behavior makes it difficult for the audience to feel comfortable interacting with the host, resulting in a poor program presentation. One of the least popular QVC hosts is Shawn Killinger, who is disliked by many.

In this article, we will discuss some of the least-liked hosts on QVC.

Annoying QVC Hosts UK Names

There is a huge list of annoying and weird QVC UK and American presenters that audiences try to avoid watching their shows. Many hosts may seem normal at first, but their behavior makes them appear like a nightmare. Several hosts are considered weird presenters, leading many people to boycott their segments. Undoubtedly, they make a huge amount of money and secure a handsome net worth, but in terms of love and respect, they receive nothing from the audience in return. Let’s get into the list of some rude female and male presenters on QVC.

  1. Deanna Fontanez
  2. Renne Greenstein
  3. Doris Dalton
  4. Laura Geller
  5. Elise Ivy
  6. Leslie Blodgett
  7. Tara McConnell
  8. Dave King
  9. Bob Bowersox
  10. Albany Irvin
  11. Jacque Gonzales
  12. Dan Wheeler
  13. Jane Treacy
  14. Shawn Killinger
  15. Alberti Popaj
  16. Amy Stran
  17. Rick Domeier
  18. Julia Cearley
  19. Mary Beth Roe
  20. Kerstin Lindquist

Female Dislike Hosts on QVC:

Deanna Fontanez

deanna fontanez host

Deanna Fontanez is often disliked for her devilish nature and snide comments, which don’t always resonate well with viewers or her co-hosts. She also tends to discuss her guests, interrupting them mid-sentence. This can be frustrating for viewers trying to learn about the products being sold. Deanna remains one of the most popular moderators on QVC due to her quick wit and prominent personality, even if viewers don’t always agree with her.

Interesting facts about Deanna Fontanez 

  • Beauty influencer and entrepreneur.
  • Makeup tutorials and product reviews.
  • Engages followers on social media.

Renee Greenstein

renee greenstein host

Renee Greenstein is also on the list of the most disliked hosts on QVC. She is known for her bossy attitude and being challenging to work with. Unfortunately, Renee is also famous for being rude to guests and staff.

Interesting facts about Renee Greenstein

  • Fashion expert and TV personality.
  • Styling and trend expertise.
  • Hosts fashion segments.

Doris Dalton

doris dalton host

Doris Dalton is a popular QVC presenter known for her raspy voice, overselling, and general demeanor. Viewers have complained that she is pushy, obnoxious, and downright rude. One viewer even started a petition to remove her from the channel. Doris frequently interrupts guests or hosts to deliver her speeches, which only annoys viewers.

Interesting facts about Doris Dalton

  • Makeup artist and cosmetics brand founder.
  • Natural and organic beauty products.
  • Emphasizes skincare benefits.

Laura Geller

laura geller host

Laura Geller is one of the least popular hosts on QVC. She is known for her over-the-top personality and love of makeup. Laura has been a QVC presenter for over ten years and, in that time, has built a large following who love her style and energy. However, many people find her annoying. 

Interesting facts about Laura Geller

  • Makeup artist and cosmetics company founder.
  • Innovative baked makeup formulations.
  • Wide range of makeup for all skin tones.

Elise Ivy

elise lvy host

Elise Ivy is the least-liked presenter on QVC, famous for being rude to guests and acting like a diva. Ivy has been with QVC since 2003 and has developed a difficult reputation. She is known for interrupting people while they speak and making derogatory comments about the products she sells. Some viewers find her hilarious, but many others find her behavior unacceptable.

Interesting facts about Elise

  • Lifestyle blogger and content creator.
  • Fashion, beauty, and home decor insights.
  • Style inspiration through outfit posts.

Leslie Blodgett

leslie blodgett host

Leslie Blodgett, the President and CEO of Bare Escentuals, is highly regarded in the beauty industry. However, not everyone is a fan of Leslie due to her perceived arrogant and bossy attitude. She is considered the most hated personality on the QVC channel.

Interesting facts about Leslie Blodgett

  • Beauty entrepreneur and former CEO.
  • Revolutionized makeup sales on TV.
  • Introduced mineral makeup concept.

Tara McConnell

tara mcconnell host

Tara McConnell is one of QVC’s least favorite hosts, known for being unprofessional and having a bad attitude. Tara often argues with guests and colleagues and has been known to leave the set. She also shares personal information about herself and her family on air.

Interesting facts about Tara McConnell

  • Entrepreneur and business strategist.
  • Specializes in startup growth.
  • Provides business coaching and consulting.

Albany Irvin

albany lrvin host

Albany Irvin, while favored by some viewers for her bold personality, is considered disrespectful and unprofessional by others. If you’re seeking a friendly and responsive QVC host, Albany might not be the right choice for you.

Interesting facts about Albany

  • TV presenter and home shopping personality.
  • Hosts shopping segments.
  • Demonstrates product features.

Jacque Gonzales

jacque gonzales host

Jacque Gonzales, a popular QVC presenter, has been criticized for excessive advertising and lack of product knowledge. Despite being controversial, she remains active on the network, with many viewers enjoying her high energy and enthusiasm for products.

Interesting facts about  Jacque

  • TV personality and home shopping host.
  • Hosts product presentations.
  • Demonstrates features and benefits.

Julia Cearley

julia cearley host

Julia Cearley, one of the most unpopular hosts on QVC, is known for her bossy attitude and lack of customer service skills. Despite negative feedback, Julia remains one of the most popular presenters on the network.

Interesting facts about Julia

  • QVC host specializing in fashion and accessories.
  • Presents and showcases various fashion items on QVC.
  • Demonstrates product features and styling tips.


Male Dislike QVC Hosts:

Dave King

dave king host

Dave King, known for his rudeness and arrogance, has been accused of making racist and sexist comments and of sexual harassment. He is considered the least-liked presenter on QVC.

Interesting facts about Dave King

  • Tech entrepreneur and innovator.
  • Founder of successful startups.
  • Expertise in software development.

Bob Bowersox

bob bowersox host

Bob Bowersox, who hosted QVC from 1986 to 2001, was famous for his cantankerous demeanor and habit of talking about other guests and hosts. He was known for being difficult to work with and had a hot temper, ultimately leading to his firing from QVC after an altercation with a guest.

Interesting facts about Bob Bowersox

  • TV host and lifestyle expert.
  • Known for hosting lifestyle shows.
  • Offers tips on health and wellness

Dan Wheeler

dan wheeler host

Dan Wheeler, one of the most disliked QVC hosts, has been accused of having an arrogant and condescending attitude. He was suspended for racist insults and is known for snapping at guests.

Interesting facts about Dan Wheeler

  • TV host and presenter.
  • Hosts lifestyle and shopping shows.
  • Demonstrates product uses.

Rick Domeier

rick domeier host

Rick Domeier, one of the least popular QVC presenters, has been accused of being rude to guests, belittling viewers, and making sexist comments. He has also made unprofessional comments about other crew members and is criticized for excessive advertising.

Interesting facts about Rick Domeier

  • QVC host with a focus on home and lifestyle products.
  • Presents a variety of home goods and lifestyle items on QVC.
  • Demonstrates product features and benefits to viewers.

Alberti Popaj

alberti popaj host

Alberti Popaj, known for being rude to guests and interrupting them, is considered the least-liked presenter on QVC. He is also known to annoy guests by trying to sell them products aggressively.

Interesting facts about Alberti Popaj

  • TV presenter and home shopping host.
  • Hosts shopping segments.
  • Demonstrates product uses.

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