May 19, 2024
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What does BD Mean in Texting – (Real Example)

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What Does BD Stand for?

“BD” refers to “Big Deal” and is an acronym used to convey the importance of an event, emphasize the significance of the news, or, in a sarcastic tone, devalue something. It can also be used for several abbreviations like Birthday, Brain Dead, Blu-ray Discs, and, in a negative or explicit sense, Big Dick.

For example: Wow, that’s a BD.

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Table Comparison

Slang word  BD
Abbriviation Big Deal
Predictability Quite Easy to understand
Safe for friendly/Corporate conversation Yes
Platform Compatibility Used on all Social media Platforms
Snapchat Meaning Big Deal
Instagram Meaning Big Deal

How is BD Used in Conversation?

The use of “BD” depends on the situation and the tone of the conversation. To correctly use this slang, it is essential to understand the meaning of the text first.


Texter 1: Do you know she got the promotion at the company?

Texter 2: Wow, that’s a BD.

Friend 1: Have you seen his BD?

Friend 2: Yesss. He has a nice one.

Imran: When is your BD?

Moto: My Bd is on Tuesday.

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Frequency of Use

In general, “BD” is most often used among people on various social media platforms. However, in my experience with social media, I’ve come to understand that it carries several meanings when used in different scenarios. It can refer to both positive and explicit situations. The positive version is often used in professional settings and among colleagues, while the explicit version is more common among friends who engage in gossip about their partners’ private parts.

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BD is a slang term widely used on social media. Its meanings can range from professional contexts to more explicit or colloquial usage among friends. Understanding the context and tone is crucial for its accurate and appropriate use.

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