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Top 15 Cartoon Characters with Beanies & Their Facts, Ranked

Published on: May 18, 2024
Updated on: May 18, 2024
animated characters with beanies

Some cartoon characters with beanies look cute. Beanies, also known as headwear, are soft, snug hats that cover your head and ears. They’re often made of stretchy fabric like wool, ideal for keeping warm in cold weather. Animated characters with beanies appear even cooler, more realistic, and lovelier.

Without a doubt, cartoon characters hold a special place in our hearts. They bring joy to our lives and leave a lasting impression. Some embark on thrilling adventures, solve mysteries, or simply navigate everyday challenges. And you know what? Some of these characters prefer to wear red beanies. So let’s dive in to discover characters sporting beanies!

Cartoon Characters with Beanies Names – Our Best List

Cartoon characters like Jimbo, Meg Griffin, and Eudora love to wear beanies. Some are male, and some are female. We have conducted extensive research to compile a collection of characters wearing headwear (Beanies) for you. 

  • Jimbo
  • Meg Griffin
  • Double D
  • Waldo
  • Shawn 
  • Eudora 
  • Chappy 
  • Ginger Snap
  • Cartman 
  • Todd Chavez
  • Ashley Spinelli 
  • Dawn
  • Daniel
  • Louise
  • Edith Gru

Female Cartoon Characters with Beanies

Edith Gru

edith gru facts

Edith Gru, one of Gru’s adopted daughters in the famous animated movie series “Despicable Me.” She is well known for her lively personality and distinctive style. The pink and light pink combo beanie hat she prefers to wear represents her youthful energy and passion for adventure, making her easily recognizable in a crowd. She looks cute wearing a beanie, with her large eyes and adorable smile. Her beanie enhances her spirited character and signifies her bold and confident nature

Beanie Color Pink
Beanie Style Knit Beanie
Show  Despicable Me

Interesting facts about Edith Gru

  • Edith Gru is one of Gru’s adopted daughters.
  • She’s characterized by her adventurous spirit and tomboyish style.
  • Edith is often seen wearing a pink beanie.

Ginger Snap

ginger snap facts

Ginger Snap, a character from Strawberry Shortcake, is known for her sweet nature and always wears her snug blue beanie hat. This hat is essential to her appearance, enhancing her charming look. Ginger Snap is a confident and determined baker who takes pleasure in baking delicious treats for her friends. She’s recognized for her adventurous spirit and willingness to take on new challenges, making her a cherished companion to the other characters in the series.

Beanie Color Blue and Pink
Beanie Style Tactical Beanie
Show  Strawberry Shortcakes

Interesting facts about Ginger Snap

  • Ginger Snap is sweet and wears a blue beanie.
  • She is a confident baker and loves baking for friends.
  • She is very adventurous and cherished by others.


eudora facts

Eudora is known for her fondness for beanie hats. She often wears a range of beanies, each with its own distinct style. Sometimes she opts for brightly colored and patterned hats, while other times she chooses more traditional, solid-colored ones. Eudora’s beanies are always a noticeable part of her outfit.

Beanie Color Different colors
Beanie Style Classic and Cuffed Beanies 
Show  Peanuts comic strip

Interesting facts about Eudora

  • Eudora loves wearing beanies.
  • She has a collection of beanies in various styles and colors.
  • Beanies are always a standout part of her outfit.


dawn facts

Dawn, a beloved character in the Pokémon animated series, is a talented Pokémon Coordinator and a determined trainer. She is admired for her cheerful nature and her distinct beanie hat. The beanie symbolizes Dawn’s character, mirroring her vibrant and positive outlook on life.

Beanie Color White with a combo of pink or blue
Beanie Style High top Beanie
Show  Pokemon

Interesting facts about Dawn

  • Dawn is a skilled Pokémon coordinator and determined trainer.
  • She’s known for her cheerful nature and positive outlook on life.
  • Dawn’s signature beanie hat mirrors her vibrant personality.

Male Cartoon Characters with Beanies


shawn facts

Shawn always wears a beanie, and it’s a big part of his style. It makes him look tough and cool. He’s been preparing for a zombie apocalypse since he was young. All that training has made him strong and good at sports. But because he’s afraid of zombies, he sometimes keeps to himself, which makes him unpredictable.

Beanie Color Army Green
Beanie Style Simple beanie 
Show  Pahkitew Island

Interesting facts about Shawn

  • Shawn’s signature beanie adds to his tough and cool persona.
  • He’s trained extensively for a zombie apocalypse since childhood.
  • Shawn’s fear of zombies sometimes makes him keep to himself, leading to unpredictable behavior.


cartman facts

Cartman has done many wild things in 24 seasons. He’s now well-known and shows society’s problems sometimes. This small troublemaker is quite funny on TV. He always wears a sea green with a yellow puffball. It shows how playful he is.

Beanie Color Sea Green and Yellow
Beanie Style Bones Beanie
Show  South Park

Interesting facts about Cartman

  • Cartman, known for his mischief, has been involved in numerous outrageous antics throughout the show.
  • He serves as a satirical mirror, addressing societal issues through humor in the series.
  • Cartman’s signature sea-green attire with a yellow puffball.


jimbo facts

Jimbo, a character from The Simpsons family, is recognized as the tough guy among the school bullies at Springfield Elementary. His yellow skin and distinctive appearance, including three teeth outside his mouth, contribute to his memorable presence among fans. However, there’s more to him than just his tough exterior.

One of Jimbo’s most recognizable features is his purple beanie hat. This hat is closely associated with his character. The beanie reflects Jimbo’s rebellious and mischievous personality, and its bold color helps him stand out even further.

Beanie Color Purple
Beanie Style Woven Beanie
Show  The Simpsons 

Interesting facts about Jimbo

  • Jimbo is a tough character from “The Simpsons”.
  • Jimbo’s appearance adds to his memorable presence among fans.
  • He has a rebellious and mischievous personality.

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