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Top 19 Tall Cartoon Characters & Their Facts, Ranked

Published on: May 18, 2024
Updated on: May 28, 2024
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Tall cartoon characters often possess distinctive charm and appeal when depicted on television. Some tall cartoon characters with brown hair, curly hair, or black hair, along with glasses, add an extra touch of beauty to their appearance.

Almost everyone has watched cartoons at some point in their lives. We grew up with them, cherishing them like our first crush. Cartoons are like steadfast companions, always present to bring a smile to our faces. Some people have a particular fondness for characters with long legs.

Tall animated characters come in all shapes and sizes, but some of them are particularly funny. They make us happy and sometimes sad, but they always teach us valuable lessons. Let’s dive into the world of cartoons and explore the tallest characters who have captured our hearts.

Tall Cartoon Characters Names – Our Top Choices

Tall cartoon characters like Jafar, Olive Oyl, and Teen Titans have notably lanky statures, encompassing both male and female figures. Through extensive research, we’ve curated a selection of tall characters, each distinguished uniquely.

  • Goofy 
  • Elastigirl 
  • Big Bird 
  • Lanky Kong 
  • Mr. Fantastic 
  • Waluigi 
  • Slenderman 
  • Jack Skellington 
  • Stretch Armstrong 
  • Jafar 
  • Princess Bubblegum 
  • Olive Oyl 
  • Teen Titans 
  • Peppermint Patty
  • Mordecai
  • Gru
  • Johnny Bravo
  • Superman
  • Pink Panther

Tall Cartoon Characters Male


mordecai facts

Mordecai is a long blue jay who works with his best friend, Rigby, a raccoon, at a park. Mordecai has tall, thin legs. Together, they face weird and crazy situations. Mordecai is known for being clever, calm, and loving video games. Even though he’s chill, he’s also responsible and hardworking. He often gives good advice to Rigby.

Height 6 ft
Show  Regular Show
First Appearance 2010
Creators J. G. Quintel

Interesting facts about Mordecai

  • Mordecai, a main character in “Regular Show”.
  • Mordecai is known for his tall, lean legs.
  • Mordecai is characterized as a clever character.


goofy facts

Goofy, the beloved character from the Mickey Mouse Show, is famous for his unique laugh and friendly nature. He is skinny tall and clumsy. As a classic Disney figure, Goofy has entertained people of all ages for almost a hundred years. Goofy is a character with a kind heart and a readiness to assist his friends.

Height 4 ft 
Show  Mickey Mouse Show, Goof Troop
First Appearance May 27, 1932
Creators Walt Disney, Art Babbitt, Frank Webb

Interesting facts about Goofy

  • Goofy is famous for his laugh and friendly nature.
  • He is tall and clumsy.
  • Goofy has a kind heart.


jafar character facts

Jafar, the mean and sneaky villain from Disney’s Aladdin, is one of the tallest and most famous characters in cartoons. Jafar seems very powerful and evil with his scary voice, creepy smile, and long black clothes. You definitely can’t help but dislike him while watching Aladdin.

He wants to be the most powerful person and control everything, which makes him a big problem for Aladdin and his friends. Even though he’s a bad guy, Jafar is interesting because he has a sad story from his past that might make you feel a little sorry for him.

Height 6 ft
Show  Aladdin
First Appearance 1992
Creators Ron Clements

Interesting facts about Jafar

  • Jafar is the villain from Disney’s Aladdin.
  • Jafar appears powerful and evil.
  • Jafar’s intriguing backstory might evoke some sympathy from viewers.


gru facts

Gru is indeed the main skinny tall character in the Despicable Me movies. He initially started as a villain but later transformed into a family man. People adore him for his humor and compassionate nature.

Gru is easily recognizable with his bald head, large nose, and tall, lean legs. He yearns for love and acceptance and prioritizes his family’s safety and well-being above all else. Many find inspiration in witnessing his journey from a villain to a loving and responsible individual.

Height 14 ft
Show  Despicable Me
First Appearance 2010
Creators Sergio Pablos 

Interesting facts about Gru

  • Gru is the main tall character in the Despicable Me movies.
  • He has tall, thin legs.
  • Gru is adored for his humor and compassionate nature.

Johnny Bravo

johnny bravo facts

Johnny Bravo is the main character in his animated series. With his muscular physique, long height, smooth talk, and trademark line “Whoa, Mama!”, Johnny represents the iconic heartthrob of Hollywood.

His days are often spent hitting on women, flaunting his muscles, and trying to impress anyone who’ll give him the time of day.

Height 6 ft
Show  Johnny Bravo
First Appearance March 26, 1995
Creators Van Partible

Interesting facts about Johnny Bravo

  • Johnny fell in love with Heather.
  • He spends his days flirting and flexing.
  • He is well known for his catchphrase, “Whoa, Mama!”


superman facts

Superman, also called Clark Kent, is one of the most famous and tallest superheroes ever. He comes from Krypton, a planet that doesn’t exist anymore. Superman has amazing powers like flying, super strength, and shooting heat from his eyes. But what makes him special is his strong sense of what’s right and his need to protect people. He’s been inspiring fans for a long time to be heroes in their own way.

Height 6 ft 3 in
Show  Superman: The Animated Series
First Appearance September 26, 1941
Creators Bruce Timm, Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel, Curt Geda

Interesting facts about Superman

  • Superman, also known as Clark Kent.
  • He is one of the most famous and tallest superheroes ever.
  • He has set an example for his fans through the act of heroism.

Pink Panther

pink panther facts

Pink Panther is tall, thin, and fancy, with a playful attitude. He often gets into funny situations, showing how clever and resourceful he is as he deals with chaos in a comedic way. His special pink color and cool style make people easily recognize him. He’s famous for not talking but still showing lots of feelings with how he moves.

Height 78 ft with a 65-foot tail
Show  The Pink Panther Show
First Appearance 1963
Creators David H. DePatie

Interesting facts about Pink Panther

  • The Pink Panther is tall, slender, and pink in color.
  • He demonstrates cleverness as he adeptly handles chaotic situations.
  • Despite not speaking throughout the series, he is adored by numerous fans.

What are the Famous Lanky Cartoon Characters?

Cartoon Characters like Goofy, Elastigirl, Big Bird, and Landky Kong are famous for their tallest height.

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