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12 Big Lip Cartoon Characters & Their Facts, Ranked

Published on: May 18, 2024
Updated on: June 5, 2024
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Cartoon characters with big lips have been a popular comedic element in cartoons since their early days. Regardless of your era, you most likely grew up watching cartoons. Surprisingly, research indicates that some adults still enjoy watching cartoon series.

For generations, animated characters have kept us entertained with their colorful personalities and imaginative worlds. Some characters have pink, red, or huge white lips that add a special effect to their appearance, and people adore those characters.

You might wonder why some animated characters have such big lips. However, these big features indeed contribute to making them funny and appealing. So, let’s embark on a special journey into the world of cartoons and discover some amazing characters with prominent lips.

Big Lip Cartoon Character Names – Our Top Pick

There are many famous cartoon characters with big lips, both female and male. I have conducted extensive research to select the best 12 from the rest of the lists for your convenience.

  • Daffy Duck
  • Goofy
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Donald Duck
  • Homer Simpson
  • Stimpy
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Jafar
  • Yzma
  • Jessica Rabbit
  • Fat Albert
  • Popeye

Big Lip Cartoon Characters Male

Daffy Duck

daffy duck facts

Daffy Duck, a character from the Looney Tunes series, is a humorous and quirky cartoon figure known for his big lips. His large beak, which connects his nose and mouth, contributes to his distinctive appearance.

When Daffy speaks or makes amusing expressions in any situation, his beak moves funny. This endearing trait is one reason why Daffy is beloved and widely recognized as a classic character. That’s why I’ve chosen to place them at the top of the list of Big Lip Cartoon Characters.

Family Billy (cousin); Danger Duck (descendant)
First Appearance April 17, 1937
Creators Tex Avery, Bob Clampett

Interesting facts about Daffy Duck

  • Daffy Duck is a character from Looney Tunes.
  • He has a large beak connecting his nose and mouth, with big lips.
  • Daffy often exhibits amusing expressions.


goofy character facts

Goofy is a funny and friendly character from Disney cartoons. The father of Max Goof is a tall dog with a human-like two-leg walk. He is a close friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Famous for being funny and awkward, Goofy often finds himself in ridiculous situations.

Goofy has an ear-to-ear smile that is broad, making his lips stand out and giving him a distinctive look. When he speaks or laughs, his lips move in a funny way that adds to his expressions. So there is no doubt why he is one of the most beloved cartoons.

Family Goof family
First Appearance May 27, 1932
Creators Walt Disney, Art Babbitt, and Frank Webb

Interesting facts about Goofy

  • Goofy is famous for his laugh and friendly nature.
  • He is tall and clumsy.
  • Goofy has a kind heart.

Donald Duck

donald duck character facts

Donald Duck is a funny and sometimes grumpy cartoon character known for his big lips. He wears a sailor suit and hat and has a yellow-orange long beak, feet, and legs. Donald is loved for his adventurous spirit, funny voice, and energetic personality. He’s romantically involved with Daisy Duck, who happens to be Minnie Mouse’s best friend.

His large lips make him stand out and are memorable to everyone. They help convey his emotions, whether he’s happy, sad, or surprised, making it easier for the audience to understand how he’s feeling.

Family Duck family
First Appearance June 1934
Creators Walt Disney, Dick Lundy, Federico Pedrocchi

Interesting facts about Donald Duck

  • Donald Duck is a funny cartoon character known for his big lips.
  • He wears a sailor suit that gives him an attractive look.
  • Donald’s large lips help convey his emotions.

Homer Simpson

homer simpson character facts

Homer Simpson is the funny guy from “The Simpsons.” He’s a bit clumsy, always making silly mistakes. Homer plays the role of the dad and husband in the family, and he works at the nuclear power plant in Springfield.

His lips are so big, they are hard to miss. They make him look even funnier and easier to recognize. Homer’s lips do a good job showing his emotions, making them clear and understandable. Also, the series is quite famous for its knack of predicting the future.

Family Simpson Family
First Appearance April 19, 1987
Creator Matt Groening

Interesting facts about Homer Simpson

  • Homer Simpson is the dad of Bart Simpson (son); Lisa Simpson (daughter); and Maggie Simpson (daughter).
  • He is one of the famous yellow characters with big lips.
  • Homer’s lips effectively make him the funniest character in the Simpsons.


stimpy character facts

Stimpy, from “The Ren & Stimpy Show,” is a funny and kind-hearted cat character. One of his most striking features is his large, round lips. They’re like big curves on his face, giving him an expressive and unique appearance. Those lips play a significant role in Stimpy’s humor. They can change shape and size, displaying their emotions in a hilariously exaggerated manner.

First Appearance August 11, 1991
Creator John Kricfalusi

Interesting facts about Stimpy

  • Stimpy, from “The Ren & Stimpy Show,” is a funny and kind-hearted cat character.
  • His large, round lips make him a distinctive and visually appealing cartoon character in the series.
  • Stimpy’s lips play a significant role in expressing his various mixed emotions from time to time.

Mr. Potato Head

mr potato head facts

Mr. Potato Head from Pixar’s “Toy Story” movies. He’s quite a memorable character with his unique appearance and important role in the series. He is married to Mrs. Potato one of my favorite cartoon partners. You can’t miss his distinct facial features, especially those large, protruding lips. Mr. Potato Head is loved for his sarcastic humor and impeccable comedic timing.

Even though his lips are exaggerated for laughs, Mr. Potato Head remains a favorite among fans of all ages.

First Appearance 1995
Creator George Lerner

Interesting facts about Mr. Potato Head

  • Mr. Potato Head from Pixar’s “Toy Story” movies. 
  • He is married to Mrs. Potato.
  • Mr. Potato Head is loved for his sarcastic humor and impeccable comedic timing.


jafar character facts

Jafar is a well-known Disney character from the animated film “Aladdin,” where he serves as the main villain. Jafar has a lot of power because he is the royal vizier of Agrabah, the story’s fictional city. Additionally, he is a formidable sorcerer, utilizing a staff adorned with a magical snake to manipulate and control others.

Surely, you remember his cunning smile from the film, amplified by his prominent lips. His lips play a significant role in reflecting his expressions, adding to his dark and deceitful appearance.

Family 1 Twin Sister
First Appearance 1992
Creator Andreas Deja

Interesting facts about Jafar

  • Jafar, the villain from Disney’s Aladdin.
  • Jafar appears powerful and evil.
  • Jafar’s intriguing backstory might evoke some sympathy from viewers.

Fat Albert

fat albert facts

Fat Albert is known for his big heart, cheerful nature, and, notably, his prominent big lips! With his round, bulky body and wide smile, he’s always ready to help and bring happiness to others. Leading the kids of his neighborhood on adventures, Fat Albert fills their lives with fun and excitement.  It is considered the first positive portrayal of a black cast in a cartoon on TV.

His friendly, big lips match his cheerful personality, making him easy to recognize. Whether he’s talking or smiling, his lips radiate warmth and contribute to his uniqueness as a cartoon character.

First Appearance 1969
Creator Cosby and Ken Mundie 

Interesting facts about Fat Albert

  • Fat Albert is known for his prominent big lips.
  • He has a round, bulky body and a wide smile.
  • Fat Albert’s friendly nature adds to his charm as a cartoon character.


popeye character facts

Popeye is a well-loved cartoon character famous for his prominent big lips. He debuted in a comic strip and quickly became a favorite among audiences. His love for spinach is widely known, as it gives him the strength to embark on various adventures.

Another defining feature of Popeye is his big lips holding a pipe. His lips have a characteristic shape that enhances his charm, particularly when he is talking or savoring his spinach. If you’ve seen this cartoon, you’ll surely remember Popeye for his lips and his love for spinach.

Family Poopdeck Pappy (father)
First Appearance Thimble Theatre (1929)
Creator E. C. Segar

Interesting facts about Popeye

  • Popeye is a beloved cartoon character renowned for his prominent, big lips.
  • He debuted in a comic strip.
  • He likes to eat spinach.

Big lip Cartoon Characters Female

Minnie Mouse

minnie mouse facts

Minnie Mouse is a famous cartoon character recognized for her big lips. She’s adored for her sweet and cheerful personality, often depicted in her iconic polka-dot dress and matching bow. Minnie’s close friend is Daisy Duck.

While it may seem like she’s married to Mickey Mouse, they were never officially wed. However, in 1933, Walt Disney stated, “In private life, Mickey is married to Minnie.”

One of her notable features is her large, expressive lips, which always form a warm and friendly smile.  Minnie’s lips convey more than just her appearance—they also convey her feelings. Her lips give her a charming look that appeals to audiences of all ages.

Family Minnie Mouse family; Fifi (dog); Figaro (cat)
First Appearance November 18, 1928
Creators Walt Disney; Ub Iwerks

Interesting facts about Minnie Mouse

  • Minnie Mouse is recognized for her big lips.
  • She likes to wear her iconic polka-dot dress with a matching bow.
  • Minnie is closely associated with her friend Daisy Duck.


yzma facts

Yzma is the antagonist in Disney’s film “The Emperor’s New Groove.” She’s recognized for her tall, slim figure and her extravagant and dramatic appearance. 

One of her standout features is her large lips, which make her quite memorable to audiences. She’s not the typical cruel villain; instead, she brings a humorous and somewhat goofy element, steering away from the usual scary villain stereotype.

Family Momma Azma (mother)
First Appearance 2000
Creator Mark Dindal

Interesting facts about Yzma

  • Yzma is the antagonist in Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove.”
  • Her large lips are a standout feature in her appearance.
  • Yzma is portrayed as a comedic character rather than a cruel villain.

Jessica Rabbit

jessica rabbit facts

Jessica Rabbit is widely known for her captivating beauty and well-rounded physique. She is married to Roger Rabbit.  Her flowing red hair, exaggerated proportions, and full lips add to her allure and mystique. Jessica is on the list of one of the hottest cartoon babes. While her lips may not be as large as those of some characters, they still play a significant role in her captivating appearance, drawing in audiences with their fullness and sensuality.

First Appearance 1981
Creator Gary K. Wolf

Interesting facts about Jessica Rabbit

  • Jessica Rabbit is married to Roger Rabbit.
  • She is depicted as Roger’s human toon wife.
  • She is a feminist.

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