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Top 22 Cartoon Characters with Beards, Ranked

cartoon characters with beards infographic

Cartoon characters with beards have often set the standard for masculinity in the modern world, epitomizing both masculine beauty and leadership within their respective shows. Many people admire these characters for their facial hair, considering beards to be a symbol of masculinity that is not only attractive but also classy and trendy. They are often regarded as the best accessory one can carry.

Some characters with facial fuzz are heroes, while others are villains sporting goatees that captivate audiences with their compelling performances in their respective series. Animated characters with big gums, beards, and glasses are incredibly popular among the younger generation, particularly teenagers and young adults.

Kids especially adore these bearded cartoon characters and often aspire to grow beards themselves when they become adults. Additionally, black beards have become particularly popular among fictional characters, with many famous heroes having them.

Disney and Nickelodeon characters are great examples of this. If you’re like me and adore characters with goatees and mustaches, you’re in for a treat with this blog. We’ll discuss animated characters with beards who stand as leaders in their respective shows.

Cartoon Characters with Beard Names

Upon closer examination of various fictional characters, it’s evident that each possesses a unique style and persona. I’ve compiled an extensive list featuring the most famous and funny characters sporting a variety of big, long, and small beards.

  1. Genie 
  2. Nicholas St. North 
  3. Papa Smurf
  4. Jafar 
  5. Alameda Slim
  6. King Triton 
  7. Dr. Orpheus 
  8. Chef 
  9. Yosemite Sam
  10. Dr. Teeth
  11. Bluto 
  12. Captain Caveman
  13. Santa Claus
  14. Zeus
  15. Odin
  16. Captain Haddock
  17. Hagrid
  18. Gimli
  19. Tony Stark 
  20. Dumbledore
  21. Rasputin
  22. Kratos

Bearded Cartoon Characters Males (Boys)


genie facts

Genie is a jinn in Aladdin; everyone likes its character a lot. Jafar also likes him. His round black beard suits his chin and shows his character and face properly. He has blue skin and has special powers to do magic.

Aladdin is a very famous cartoon in history, and people and kids like it a lot. Its character also releases a movie in the film industry.

Show/ Movie


Created By

John Musker

Beard Color/Length


Interesting facts about Genie

  • The Genie is a magical being with the ability to grant three wishes to whoever possesses his lamp.
  • He is released from his lamp by Aladdin and becomes his friend and ally.
  • Genie is voiced by Robin Williams in the original 1992 film.

Nicholas St. North

nicholas st north facts

Nicholas is a healthy and tall man. He has an Amish beard, which suits him a lot. He has a long white beard and mustaches. If there is danger, he is a savior.

Nicholas St.North was the first guardian who saw the return of the evil Nightmare King. Most people like his character, but if you don’t know his full history, you should watch his full animated movie you must like his beard a lot.

Show/ Movie

Rise of the Guardians

Created By

William Joyce, Laura Geringer

Beard Color/Length


Interesting facts about Nicholas St.North

  • Nicholas St. North, often referred to as North or Santa Claus, is the guardian of wonder and the leader of the Guardians.
  • He is depicted as a large, robust man with a thick Russian accent, a long white beard, and a jovial personality.
  • North is known for his strength, bravery, and kindness.

Papa Smurf

papa smurf facts

Papa Smurf is a short beard cartoon character in the cartoon series. He has a white, long, and thick beard which completes his blue look. Papa Smurf is a funny character his beard is a good notable feature to describe his character.

Show/ Movie

The smurfs

Created By


Beard Color/Length


Interesting facts about Papa Smurf

  • Papa Smurf is the wise and elderly leader of the Smurfs, a community of small blue creatures.
  • He made his first appearance in the original Smurfs comic books created by Belgian artist Peyo in 1958.
  • Papa Smurf is easily recognizable by his red clothing, white beard, and distinctive red hat.


jafar facts

Jafar is a striking character with a distinctive appearance, often portrayed with a purple hue. While his beard is indeed attractive, it adds to his sinister demeanor rather than conveying joviality. As one of the greatest villains in animated cartoon history, Jafar’s cunning and manipulative nature set him apart. The way he runs his fingers through his beard adds to his menacing allure, making his character stand out from others.

Show/ Movie


Created By

Ron Clements; John Musker

Beard Color/Length

Black or Brown/Short

Interesting facts about Jafar

  • Jafar is the royal vizier of the fictional city of Agrabah and seeks to take over the kingdom for his own gain.
  • He is depicted as cunning, manipulative, and power-hungry, using dark magic.
  • Jafar’s ultimate desire is to obtain the magical genie’s lamp.

Alameda Slim

alameda slim facts

Alameda Slim is a negative red beard character, but you will wonder after seeing the beauty of his beard. He is a clever character, and his beard matches his character.

In this animated movie, he is a thief, playing the role of the thief, but his beard attracts you to him.

Show/ Movie

Home on the Range

Played By

Randy Quaid

Beard Color/Length


Interesting facts about Alameda Slim

  • Alameda Slim is the main antagonist of the film, portrayed as a cattle rustler and outlaw.
  • He is known for his lanky appearance, sly demeanor, and exaggerated yodeling voice.
  • Alameda is the bad guy in the movie.

King Triton

king triton facts

King Triton is a little mermaid’s father; he has a long white beard, which looks like a king-size beard. King Triton is a very popular character, and he has an amazing beard. And this thing is surprising, as he looks handsome inside and out with his beard.

Show/ Movie

The Little Mermaid

Played By

Javier Bardem

Beard Color/Length


Interesting facts about King Triton

  • King Triton is the ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantica.
  • He is depicted as a powerful and imposing figure, with a muscular build, long white hair, and a flowing beard.
  • Triton is known for his protective nature, especially towards his youngest daughter, Ariel.

Dr. Orpheus

dr orpheus facts

Hundreds of characters have beards; Dr. Orpheus is one of them. It is characterized by his distinctive goatee. As a powerful necromancer and magician, his beard reflects his enigmatic nature and hints at the depths of his knowledge of the mystical arts.

Show/ Movie

Dr. Orpheus

Played By

Steven Rattazzi

Beard Color/Length

Grey or Black/Long

Interesting facts about Dr. Orpheus

  • Dr. Orpheus is a powerful necromancer and magician who resides in a spooky mansion.
  • He is known for his dramatic and theatrical personality, often speaking in grandiose language.
  • Dr. Orpheus is a parody of classic occult characters and often finds himself in absurd and comedic situations.


Chef Facts

Chef is a cartoon character with a beard who has a trimmed beard that suits his round face. His beard helps him to show his character and displays his friendliness with others. So he can impress his audience.

Show/ Movie

South Park

Played By

Isaac Hayes

Beard Color/Length


Interesting facts about Chef

  • Chef, whose full name is Jerome McElroy, is the school cafeteria worker at South Park Elementary.
  • He is known for his friendly demeanor, deep voice, and love for singing soulful songs.
  • Chef often serves as a mentor and confidant to the main characters, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny, offering them advice and wisdom.

Yosemite Sam

yosemite sam facts

Yosemite Sam is a rugged character in Looney Tunes known for his fiery red mustache and beard, which add to his tough and dangerous appearance. His distinctive facial hair contributes to his impact in the series. Most people are afraid of his beard, but some are impressed by his personality. This gangster-looking character always keeps guns with him.

Show/ Movie

Looney Tunes

Played By

Friz Freleng

Beard Color/Length


Interesting facts about Sam

  • Yosemite Sam is a fiery-tempered cowboy known for his red mustache and beard, large hat, and aggressive demeanor.
  • He made his debut in the animated short film “Hare Trigger” in 1945.
  • Yosemite Sam is often portrayed as a short-tempered and stubborn antagonist, frequently getting into conflicts with Bugs Bunny and other characters.

Dr. Teeth

dr teeth facts

Dr. Teeth is a cute, muppiest character with a beard; he is the leader of Electric Mayhem. His orange beard and outfit make a different combination. Which impresses the audience. Dr. Teeth is a very colorful character, and I like him.

Show/ Movie

The Muppets

Played By

Bill Barretta

Beard Color/Length

Orange or Brown/Long

Interesting facts about Dr.Teeth

  • Dr. Teeth is the lead vocalist and keyboardist for the fictional band “Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem.”
  • He is known for his distinctive appearance, including his colorful clothing, sunglasses, and large mustache.
  • Dr. Teeth is depicted as a cool and laid-back character.


bluto facts

Bluto is a cartoon character with a rugged beard, his rugged beard brings out his villain character. Because he always tries to hurt Popeye’s girlfriend. These movements always suit his annoying character.

Show/ Movie

The Popeye

Created By

E. C. Segar

Beard Color/Length


Interesting facts about Bluto

  • Bluto’s name was changed to Brutus because it was incorrectly believed by King Features that Paramount Pictures.
  • He is depicted as a large, burly man with a gruff demeanor and a tendency to bully others.
  • Bluto often schemes to undermine Popeye and win Olive Oyl’s heart.

Captain Caveman

Captain Caveman is a character with a beard, his beard is unique among others.  He has a long beard on his feet, his beard covers his body, and it’s very difficult to find where his body is under his beard.

It’s difficult to say that is all that beard or joints the beard with other body hairs. However, his beard helps to bring out his character in front of people.

Show/ Movie


Created By


Beard Color/Length


Interesting facts about Captain Caveman

  • Captain Caveman is a prehistoric superhero.
  • He is depicted as an oval-shaped caveman with superhuman strength.
  • Captain Caveman wears a set of animal furs and carries a large wooden club, which he uses as both a weapon and a means of transportation.

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