April 20, 2024
Halloween Words

20+ Halloween Words that Start with B | Definition & Clues

a list of halloween words start with b from craze earth

Are you searching for words to capture the essence of Halloween? Whether you’re a student, writer, teacher, game developer, or simply curious about this spooky celebration, here’s a versatile collection of Halloween vocabulary that starts with B to set the mood.

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Popular Halloween Words with B

  • Banshee
  • Bats
  • Bones
  • Black Cat
  • Boo
  • Broomstick
  • Bathtub
  • Beast
  • Blood
  • Bat
  • Bogeyman
  • Ballroom
  • Bruja
  • Burial
  • Brooch
  • Bizarre
  • Bewitch
  • Blight
  • Bubbling

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Meaning, Definition, and Clues

Word Definition Clue
Banshee Female spirit, wails at death Her cries predict doom
Bats Nocturnal flyers, linked to vampires Flit in darkness, hunting prey
Bones Skeleton parts Rattle in haunts, eerie decor
Black Cat Superstitious omen, black fur Crosses bring bad luck
Boo Startling cry Surprise tactic for fright
Broomstick Witches’ flying tool Soars in legends, witch’s ride
Bathtub Water container, often eerie Filled with creepy substances
Beast Monstrous creature Night prowler, seeking victims
Blood Body fluid, vampire sustenance Vital for vampires, life essence
Bat Nocturnal mammal Often mistaken for vampires
Bogeyman Child-frightening myth Lurks in darkness, under beds
Ballroom Formal dance venue Hosts ghostly gatherings on Halloween
Bruja Spanish witch or sorceress Casts spells, brews potions
Burial Interment act Associated with graveyards
Brooch Decorative pin Adorns witches, vampires attire
Bizarre Strange, unusual Characterizes Halloween atmosphere
Bewitch Enchant, cast spell Witches use powers on Halloween
Blight Plant disease, withering Crops afflicted in spooky tales
Bubbling Producing bubbles or bubbling sound Often heard from cauldrons

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