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The word ‘Awesome’ has different meanings and it depends upon the person how he/she sees things. Similarly, when we talk about Awesome Websites, they could have different meanings altogether for two individuals. It’s quite difficult to cover up all interests in a single post. So, as of now, we have come up with some websites that are cool and worth trying at least once. If we talk about it in a broader sense, these websites have nothing to do with any sort of work or business, they are just for fun. Let’s check them out. 

Some Awesome Websites that you Might love

Following is the collection of some websites by which you will get pleasure. Let’s check it out!

1. A Good Movie to Watch:

No, we are not suggesting any movies that you can watch to spend your leisure time. This is a website that can help you select a movie to watch when you get bored. Agoodmovietowatch.com is highly appreciated for having quite an interactive user interface that you’ll love to use. It offers tabs for segregating movies based on genre, popularity, and best ones. The most amazing feature that we like about this platform is a tab ‘Mood’ that suggests movies based on your mood. Once you click on this tab you’ll be guided to pages where many options of different moods are there like funny, sad, sweet, challenging, and much more. Select one accordingly and you’ll see movie suggestions based on your selection. 

2. Child’s Own:

Childsown.com is one of the very interesting platforms that we have come across. You can consider it as a soft toy selling platform but there is one unique thing about it. Child’s Own creates a soft toy of a drawing or sketch made by your child. I haven’t heard someone doing it before, have you? It doesn’t matter now because this is true and many people have experienced this Awesome Website. You can encourage your kid by gifting a soft toy personally designed by him/her on a special day. Besides, you can also get a toy resembling your kid, and that service by this website is named ‘softie selfie’.  

3. YouTube Time Machine:

Another no just useful but interesting website as well that anyone will love to use. YouTube Time Machine will take you back in time with its amazing feature of showing videos of numerous genres. You just have to select the year and the category you want and the results will be on your display. By this platform, you will be able to watch movies, TV shows, cartoons, and much more released in the year you’ve selected. Isn’t it fun? 

4. The Wiki Game:

It is quite an interesting website that is designed for users to play a very unique Wikipedia game. For some, it might be a ridiculous game, but for many, it would be fun. The Wiki Game is played by selecting a target article and an Awesome Website that starting from any randomly selected article other than the target one. Now, the goal is to reach the target article in the fewest clicks by navigating through links present in Wikipedia’s articles. This game can be played by a single player as well as multiple players. It sounds really fun for us; hope you will like it too. 

5. Level Up Life:

This website seems like a game featuring augmented reality but this is not the case. Here, we are the real players and we are the only ones who will assign the task. This is an Awesome Website that is a kind of motivational platform where you can set in real-life goals that you’re working on and receive points after achieving those goals. This will help people achieve goals faster and with much more motivation.

6. Drinking Game Zone:

This is neither a gaming website nor something fishy; it is an informative platform especially for people who love to do parties so often. Drinkinggamezone.com offers numerous games that one can play during parties and enjoy beverages. You will find many interesting party games on this platform that will make your get-together with friends memorable and will tempt you to arrange such parties regularly. 

7. A Soft Murmur:

It’s quite interesting to imagine that how the idea to build this website came into the minds of its developers. A soft murmur is a platform that offers sound clips of many things that we come across in our day-to-day lives. You can listen to the sound of fire, wind, waves, rain, birds, thunder, and much more in low & high volumes. That’s all you can do on this Awesome Website. Plus, there is also an application available on PlayStore and AppStore for the users to download and experience it on smartphones. It won’t be wrong to stay this website strange. 

8. Geo Guessr:

If you are a traveler then you must test your knowledge by visiting Geo Guessr. No, it is not a kind of website that conducts any kind of quizzes or something else. Geo Guessr has something different for you. It shows any area, a place, or any famous architectural structure that you have to guess and select its nearest location on the map. On this website, the user can also categorize or select a particular region like Asia or Europe to play. Believe us, it will be really fun to try Geo Guessr even if you are not a frequent traveler. 

9. Music Map:

From the start of this article, you have come across several unique websites that can be considered awesome ones because of their interesting nature. Music Map is just another addition to the list. It could be fun for music lovers and for those who are not fond of listening to music, it could be boring. This Awesome Website suggests music artists related to the one you love. On the landing page of music-map.com, there is a search bar in which a user writes the name of his/her favorite artist and clicks on the search icon. The result will show many other artists that you might like relating to the one for which you’ve searched. On the waving list, you can click on any one of the names for making a further search. That’s the end of what the Music Map can do. 

The Conclusion:

We consider these above-mentioned websites as awesome, while many of you might regard them as ridiculous ones. There is not a problem if you think so, because everyone has their category of interests and we must respect it as we do for ourselves. On the other hand, most of our readers might love this list of Awesome Websites and refer it to those with similar interests. For people who like, these websites are a must-try for at least once. You will love the uniqueness & interesting nature of these platforms and there are chances that you might get addicted to a few of them.