May 19, 2024

Best Things to Do in Hurghada for Couples Honeymoon

Things to Do in Hurghada for Couples Honeymoon

If you are looking for the most beautiful daily tours from Hurghada that are suitable for couples on their honeymoon and that give you more suspense and excitement in addition to discovering the secrets of the Pharaohs’ kings and the civilization of ancient Egypt.

  • Hurghada Egypt to Pyramids by bus or minivan.
  • Horse Riding in Hurghada
  • Parasailing
  • Swim with Dolphins from Hurghada
  • Valley Of The Kings Day Trip
  • Private Speedboat Rental to Paradise Island
  • Scuba Diving Boat Trip
  • Sunset Quad Biking Tour
  • Water World
  • Royal Seascope Submarine Cruise

Experiences, tips and details for some suitable trips for you:

Stargazing Safari Tour for Couples

Do you want to discover the culture and traditions of Bedouin life and how people live among the mountains in this rugged region? Where offer you to visit a Bedouin village in areas far from resorts and hotels in Hurghada to discover a new place and a new culture.

We provide you with a wonderful Adventure in the Afternoon, starting at 02:00 in the evening, starting from riding four-wheel drive Jeep 4WD , setting out to the Hurghada desert, watching the mountains and plateaus around you, discovering life in the desert, and then arriving at the Bedouin village.

After that, you start watching how the Bedouins life, and what are the details of living, including food and housing, then riding a camel, then eating a Bedouin meal with candles to give a special time of Romance in this charming, picturesque nature, then watching the stars and planets through a Big The best telescopes for gazing at stars, planets, and galaxies with strong lenses to give you a clear view of all the details of a Star in the Sky.

Photography with dolphins in Pool for Couples

Adults want to take Pictures with the Dolphins at the edge of the pool; provide unique photos to share with friends and family afterwards.

Each individual is photographed individually with dolphins.

The price of shooting 5 photos outside the swimming pool with the dolphin = from 45$.

The price of taking 10 photos inside the swimming pool with the dolphin = from 60$.

Swimming with dolphins in the pool for Couples

Adults are allowed to swim with Dolphins in the Pool for 5 minutes per person, with a free swimming suit provided for each person.

You can dance with dolphins freely and swim with the presence of trainers around you to provide you with security and safety. If you want to swim with dolphins, it is preferable to bring your own towels.

The price of swimming with dolphins for 5 minutes = from 65$.

Hurghada from Top – Parasailing Tour for Couples

One of the most beautiful sights & Hurghada Tourist Attractions that you will see when you are at a height of 50 meters from the surface of the water is the new Hurghada Marina, which includes more than 100 luxury marine yachts in addition to the Great El Mina Mosque, the Saqala Square area, Hurghada International Sea Port and the port of fishing boats for fishermen and workers in the tourist city of Hurghada.

You will see from the top of the islands of the Red Sea, which is characterized by the city of Hurghada, such as Giftun Island, and after the surrounding small islands, in addition to the Sharm El-Sheikh International Ferry and the Saudi Ferry, which is located on the Hurghada sea port.

One of the most beautiful views that you will see from the top of the seagulls, which you will find around you catching small fish from the water.

If you dream when you are young and want to try it now in Hurghada, do not miss the opportunity with us, as we provide you with the cheapest prices and the highest quality and service standards.

24 showrooms of varying sizes, each with more than a million gallons of salt and fresh water ideal for each fish’s life, are used to present the most exquisite little and large colorful Red Sea Fish.

The Aquarium is the ideal morning and evening activity and a fantastic educational and knowledge facility in Hurghada if you’re looking for a place to learn about the marine life in Hurghada Red Sea of Egypt and expand your knowledge for you, your kids, and your family.

More than 100 marine animals, including sharks, stingrays, green sea turtles, shovel-nosed sharks, and spotted eagle ray, are among the more than 1,200 marine species represented in the aquarium.

Tips For Couples Honeymoon

Are you on your Honeymoon and looking for Things to Do in Hurghada for Couples and Romantic Trips that add more romance and passion while at the same time discovering the secrets of the Eighteenth Dynasty, Nineteenth Dynasty and Twentieth Dynasty of The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt Civilization and how tombs and temples were built and what are the reasons and more you will discover during your magical tour in Luxor “Thebes”.

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