April 18, 2024
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12 Cartoon Characters with Beards

Cartoon Characters with Beards

Most people and children like and watch cartoons and animated movies, and they see the characters they like, which characters most of seen nowadays are cartoon characters with beards.

kids like these characters most and want to grow beards when they become adults. Beards also become most popular among movie characters most of the famous heroes want to grow beards.

Best Cartoon Characters with Beards

  • Genie 
  • Nicholas St. North (rise of the guardians)
  • Papa Smurf
  • Jafar 
  • Alameda Slim
  • King Triton 
  • Dr. Orpheus (The Venture Bros)
  • Chef South park
  • Yosemite Sam
  • Dr. Teeth
  • Bluto 
  • Captain Caveman


Genie is a jin in Alladin, everyone likes its character a lot. Jafar also likes him. His round black beard suits his chin. And shows his character and face properly.

Aladdin is a very famous cartoon in history, people and kids like it a lot. Its character also releases a movie in the film industry.

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Nicholas St. North (Rise of the Guardians)

Nicholas is a healthy and tall man. He has an Amish beard which suits him a lot. He has a long white beard and mustaches. If there is danger he is a savior.

Nicholas St.North was the first guardian who had seen to return of the evil Nightmare king. Most people like his character, but if you don’t know his full history you should watch his full animated movie you must like his beard a lot.

Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is a short beard cartoon character in the cartoon series. He has a white normal beard which completes his blue look. Papa Smurf is a funny character his beard is a good addition to describe his character.


Jafar is a purple looking character, his beard is very attractive but his character isn’t much beautiful. How he runs his fingers in his beard makes it very attractive. His beard makes his character different from others.

Alameda Slim

Alama slim is a negative red beard character, but you will wonder after seeing the beauty of his beard. He is a clever character and his beard matches his character.

In this animated movie, he is a thief character, playing the role of the thief but his beard attracts you to him.

King Triton (The Little Mermaid)

King Triton is a little mermaid’s father, he has a long white beard, which looks like a king-size beard. King Triton is a very popular character and he has an amazing beard. And this thing is surprising King Triton looks amazing inside and outside water with his beard.

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Dr. Orpheus (The Venture Bros)

Hundreds of characters have a beard, Dr. Orpheus is one of them,  but most of them are not popular.  Some are popular but don’t have beautiful beards. That’s the place where you need us. We have presented the best cartoons with playful beards.

Chef (South Park)

Chef is a beard cartoon character who has a trimmed beard that suits his round face. His beard helps him to prominent his character and displays his friendliness with others. So he can impress his audience. 

Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam is a guy who has a beard with the gun in Lonny Tunes. He looks to be hard and his beard makes him dangerous. And it’s completely his personality properly.  Most peoples are afraid of his beard but some are impressed by his personality. This gangster looking character always keeps guns with him.

Dr. Teeth – The Muppets

Dr. Teeth is a cute muppiest character with a beard, he is the leader of electric mayhem. His orange beard and wore outfit make a different combination. Which impresses the audience. Dr. Teeth is a very colorful character and like him.

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Bluto is a cartoon character with a rugged beard, his rugged beard brings out his villain character. Because he always tries to hurt Popeye’s girlfriend. These movements always suit his annoying character.

Captain Caveman

Captain caveman is a character with a beard, his beard is unique from others.  He has a long beard on his feet, his beard covers his all body, and it’s very difficult to find where his body is under his beard. 

It’s difficult to say that is all that beard or joints the beard with other body hairs. However, his beard helps to bring out his character in front of people.

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Our cartoon series is full of different cartoon characters. I hope all of you enjoyed our list of cartoon characters with beards. Some characters are funny, some are dangerous and some are very unique. Many cartoon characters become favorites among their fans due to their unique beard.

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