May 19, 2024

Top 7 Common Pet Health Issues and How Pet Insurance Can Help

treat pet health problems

If you’re a pet parent, you don’t need to be told twice about the importance of your pet’s health. While the cost of pet medical care can run pretty high, you never want to compromise on the well-being of these furry members of your family. That’s where pet insurance comes into the picture.

Similar to human healthcare insurance, it can cover a significant portion of your pet’s medical bills against specific conditions. This can help you ensure that your pet gets the best medical care in a variety of situations.

To help you learn more about this essential coverage, here are 7 common pet health issues that can be treated with the help of pet insurance.

1. Accidental injuries

Whether you want to enhance your dog’s life with accessories or your cat’s well-being with toys, you may want to keep an eye on them whenever they go outside or play around heights. But even when you are vigilant, your pet could experience accidental injuries that could range from minor cuts to major fractures. With most types of pet insurance that cover accidents, you can ensure treatment for these injuries and the comfort of your dogs and cats. 

2. Vomiting and diarrhea

When it comes to treating dog diarrhea or cat vomiting, qualified vets know how to handle initial treatment to prevent dehydration and how to perform diagnostics to rule out serious underlying conditions. But it still doesn’t make these healthcare processes any less stressful, or any less expensive, for that matter. With pet insurance plans, you can cover treatment for these sudden illnesses as well as the radiology and lab tests that they require. 

3. Cancer

While cancer is a highly challenging disease, its treatment is still possible for dogs, cats, and other animals. Once again, you may find this treatment out of reach despite wanting to do your best for your pet. With accident and illness coverage plans, pet insurance can help you afford hospital treatments, their associated tests, and their medications in the long run. This makes pet insurance an important part of pet care. 

4. Diabetes

You may already know how serious diabetes can be for humans. But you might be surprised to learn that when left without treatment, it can be fatal for dogs and cats as well. If you don’t have pet insurance, you might need to resort to using a financial planning journal to cover the ongoing costs of treatment for your pets. On the other hand, pet insurance can assist you in getting these consistent treatments for your pets. 

5. Arthritis

Similar to diabetes, arthritis is another condition that has similar effects on humans and pets. While you can embrace various practices to feel better every day, your furry friends need active care by professionals to find effective relief from joint pain. With pet insurance plans that cover illnesses, you can afford regular treatment for this condition without having to take a deep dive into your finances before every vet visit. This can save you and your pet a world of pain. 

6. Anxiety

When it comes to behavioral problems in pets, anxiety remains a common issue that affects more dogs and cats than you may think at first. While humans can use a self-care app to find relief from anxiety-induced stress and nerves, your pets do not have the same option at hand. That is where pet insurance can help and allow your beloved dog or cat to undergo the right diagnosis and treatment to enjoy life with a calmer mindset.  

7. Swallowing objects

While dealing with a workplace injury can be difficult for humans, your pets have their own version of it in the form of swallowing random objects by accident. Some pet insurance plans for accidents cover this health hazard. Some of these plans also offer sufficient coverage where you can get most of the treatment costs reimbursed to you. This ensures that your pet continues to enjoy a happy life, while you continue building your emergency funds in an online savings account.

After knowing more about these benefits of pet insurance, you can move forward with signing up for a plan that suits your budget and caters to your pets’ needs. This can bring your pets the level of care they deserve.

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