May 19, 2024
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Innovative Ideas for Celebrating a Wedding Anniversary

Tips to know for celebrating wedding anniversary

We all know the consequences of forgetting your anniversary and thanks to digital tech, the days of forgetting birthdays and anniversaries are long gone. Social media saves the day, reminding you of important events and if you are stumped for a suitable wedding anniversary gift, here are a few unique ways that you can celebrate this very special occasion.

6 Tips for Celebrating Wedding Anniversary

  • Special Dinner Invitation
  • A Dinner Cruise
  • Take in a Show
  • Helicopter Tour of Sydney & the Blue Mountains
  • Romantic Weekend in Hunter Valley
  • Spend a Night under the Stars

Special Dinner Invitation

Use a flower delivery service in Sydney to deliver a bouquet of roses, with a special invitation to a top restaurant overlooking Sydney Harbour. Send a chauffeur-driven limo to collect her and make her feel like a million dollars; have a bottle of champagne on ice, enjoy the backdrop of the harbour and celebrate another year of wedded bliss.

A Dinner Cruise

Google can whisk you off to the website of a prestige Sydney Harbour dinner cruise, where you can make a reservation. If your special day falls on a weekend, you have more choice when it comes to floating entertainment and nothing will please her more than dinner in Sydney Harbour, overlooking the amazing Sydney Opera House.

Take in a Show

Sydney is home to many fine theatres and arenas, where live concerts are performed. If she has a firm favourite band, check out their tour schedule; make a weekend out of it if the venue is Melbourne or Brisbane. If she loves opera and there is a performance running, book a couple of balcony tickets and enjoy a floating dinner overlooking the harbour.

Helicopter Tour of Sydney & the Blue Mountains

You only live once and she would never guess what an experience awaits her, as you arrive in a supercar and whisk her off to Sydney Airport, where the aircraft is fuelled up and waiting on the tarmac. Enjoy a champagne lunch at one of the top vineyards in Hunter Valley, then return to Sydney via Bondi Beach for an unforgettable experience.

Romantic weekend in Hunter Valley

You both deserve a break and what better way to recharge your batteries than a romantic long weekend in a country cottage in Hunter Valley? Google can bring you a long list of luxury cottage accommodation and you can choose something secluded, with a hot tub and jacuzzi. We all love surprises and knowing her schedule as you do, you can book a couple of days that work for both of you and enjoy each other’s company with no interruptions or distractions.

Spend a Night under the Stars

Contact a campsite where you can rent a large tent for the night; a luxurious glamping experience is sure to remain etched in her memory. A Google search would help you locate the right venue, where they specialise in romantic getaways and honeymoons.

So, there you have it, a few unique anniversary celebration ideas to whet your appetite and the best place to start is an online search.

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