The Karen Radio Host Fired due to his racist behavior by a group that strongly condemned. The breaking news hitting headlines on all the TV channels as well as on Social Media platforms. The news update that reported on social platforms and the statement that publish stated below.

Dianna Ploss no longer associated or affiliated in any way with WSMN or Bartis-Russell Broadcasting, LLC. We at WSMN value freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and assembly. And will not tolerate discrimination, racism, or hatred. We continue to present offer on-air opportunities for discussion, education, and the exchange of opinions and ideas.”

Karen Radio Host Fired

Source: YouTube

A radio host karen whose name Dianna Ploss passed by few groups of Hispanic construction employees. That working on a roadside area of downtown Nashua. It was the day of 10th July when all the laborers were spending a good workday. And enjoying the day in their colloquial language. The incident started when she stopped near there and started witnessing their speech. She ranted at the people who were criticizing her while she standing in the United States’ Grounds; she ranted because she was speaking their native language Spanish. Then she started yelling at them and speaks against their speech of freedom, and denounced them together.


She used the term Communism, to sum up, their whole activity log and said that they taking over the streets. By defaming their folks who were residing in their home country. However, the workers were not speaking and were remaining silent almost all the time they attended the conversation.


Source: Karen Radio Host YouTube

The conversation that was going on between those two parties was.

Karen questioned statement was Are you speaking in English? This is America, and why are you not speaking in English language to speak. She further states that you worked for state and country and must know to speak in English. She was continuously emphasizing the English word in her conversation.

The next focus of that woman was the men of the state as she degraded the men by saying that the men of the state are not working o struggling for their state in which they are living. After she continued speaking against the laborers they replied to that reporter in a very decent way that, we work for the benefit of a private company.

Although she was not doing a justifiable racist tirade, read further what she said.

She was continuously saying that “This is America, speak in English” she was emphasizing these words continuously and repeatedly. The company named Morin’s Landscaping in which they were working her also targeted that company and mentioned the company name in her target. This news spread across the media and prevailed like fire in them.

The Role of Ploss

Ploss, who was a huge supporter of Trump and was a former host on the radio WSMN, started a live video on Facebook with the reporter woman on the spot and considered her that she is doing something positive act and then released this video content that covered the whole act performed by that reporter.

This coverage of the Ploss and the video that he made on the woman went viral and spread amongst the people so quickly. The video showed clearly that an African American man approaches the reporter woman out of his way and used to stop this woman considering that she is making violence and doing an inappropriate act.

The man was used to stop the woman and was asking that why is she bashing the gentlemen as she has no right to behave so rudely with them. But the woman was not considering the advice of that man and continue to scold him for wearing a mask by which hiding the face. Spreading her words that people who lived in America should not be used to communicate in any language except English.

She used to call him that he is a Social Justice Warrior that he is stopping her to speak against the people who are not working for their homeland in which they lived. The people’s views were different on the behavior of this lady some people were saying a violent pejorative Karen, whereas some people were using the words such as eccentric and extremist.


Some comments that were by the public got hype on social media and amongst the people and have got a dominant message for a reality check!

“The actual crazy part of this whole scenario is Ploss did record it herself which means she considered herself a proud patriot for harassing these innocent guys” _ Carolyn Bridgeman

Another critique named Jacob Marley said,” She does not understand the reality that free speech also affords people to speak whatever language they want in America”

All the social media platforms on the internet are full of such testimonials. People are not apologized regarding how her career is destroyed because they consider humanity and morality above this. People were stating that every person who is trying to snatch away the fundamentals rights of humans. And free-living from others must be strongly denied. Modern world of the 21st century, where every person has got full liberty to make all the types of decisions. They have full authority to raise the word for their rights and relish the freedom of speech.

Wrapping Up!

Many people move across different subcontinents, and they don’t need to learn the language of every state they travel to. Moreover, there is no need to spend much of the time and energy in investing communication. The workers that were performing their duties were there to support their families by the income and the payment. They are receiving in return for their efforts. And don’t you think it’s pathetic to focus and seize them. Just for the language they are used to communicate in. This was the main reason becomes and the Karen Radio Host Fired due to the racist behavior. This case is about hate speech and any person who is a flag bearer of hatred, violence, and racism. Should not be allowed to give another opportunity to harass and blamed people like that.