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Cartoon Characters

Top 15 Red Cartoon Characters

Red Cartoon characters

Welcome to our guide for the Top 15 Red Cartoon Characters. In this article, we are going to share with you our top picks for the best red cartoon characters of all time.

Red is one of the colors that are easy to spot. It is a color that stands out. This is the reason why a lot of animated characters including superheroes and villains either wear red or are physically red, through and through.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the top 15 red cartoon characters of all time.

Red Cartoon Characters Names

  • Spider-Man
  • Elmo
  • Mario
  • Flash
  • Optimus Prime
  • Robin
  • Iron Man
  • Carnage
  • Red Ranger
  • Red Skull
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Blossom
  • Deadpool
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Eugene H. Krabs

1. Spider-Man

Source: playstation

With incredible spider-like powers, teenage science genius Peter Parker fights crime and has dreams of becoming the Avenger in the role of Spider-Man.

The bite of a spider allowed teenage Peter Parker its arachnid abilities and, instead of using them to gain personal benefits, Peter Parker decided to assist others by using them.

A child orphan, living in the home of his aunt May Parker, the boy decided to wear a mask when fighting crime. Being one of the most popular red cartoon characters names, Spider-Man sits at the top of our list.

2. Elmo

Source: Eonline

Elmo has an apartment located on Sesame Street, with his mom Mae and his father Louie and, in some stories, there is his sister Daisy. He also owns a goldfish he keeps as a pet (Dorothy) as well as a dog (Tango).

Like many kids aged their age Elmo appears often with a toy the orange monster-like doll called Baby David. In the movie The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, Elmo seems devoted to the blue blanket that he keeps with himself throughout the day. Elmo’s signature red appearance makes him a perfect funny-looking cartoon character, this appearance is iconic and it’s definitely why he’s on this list.’

3. Mario

Source: GamesRadar

Mario, originally known as Mr. Video Game Himself, is also popular as Super Mario. He is a mustache-wearing Italian plumber living within Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom. 

Mario is also in some cases the ruler of his kingdom, Mario Land. As confirmed In DiC Cartoons Mario and his brother, Luigi used to live in Brooklyn as plumbers. 

4. Flash

Source: Netflix

Flash is one of the most badass male red cartoon characters. Barry Allen is The Flash, the fastest man alive. Utilizing his super-speed abilities, he taps into Speed Force and becomes a costumed crime fighter. He is among the founders and a member of the Justice League.

Barry can move at incredible speeds. While running, he could be seen as blurred. He’s quicker than Superman and Supergirl and was speedy enough to fix the entire city without not even realizing that he was ever out of the area. 

He’s so fast that the speed of time seems to slow around him, and he appears as if he’s invisible to anyone within their respective time frames.

5. Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime
Source: CBR

Optimus Prime is an awe-inspiring chief of the Autobot forces. Incredibly courageous and selfless, he is the exact contrast to his mortal foe Megatron. At first, a civilian named the Orion Px Optronix was then chosen as a result of The Matrix of Leadership to command the first of many massive burdens he’s been ordered to shoulder.

When it comes to combat, there are a few who can compete with Optimus Prime’s strength. He’s easily the most powerful of all Autobots of his size. Together with his Combat Deck and Roller drone Ion blaster, as well as the Energon-axe are deadly tools. He will risk his life to protect Autobots and those in their care and does this often.

6. Robin

Source: IGN SEA

Robin is Batman’s partner and sidekick that are typically teens who are enlisted to become vigilantes to defend Gotham City and members of the Batman Family.

The first and original Robin is Dick Grayson, later known as Nightwing, who is the partner of Batman in the majority of DC comics and cartoons and also the head of the Teen Titans.

His personality varies from a typical companion to a more risky antihero based on the plot. However, always comes off as a smart and brave man, but often too determined to show his worth to the world.

7. Iron Man

Iron Man
Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

Iron man is a popular Red cartoon character superhero from the Marvel Universe. The inventor Tony Stark applies his genius in the field of high-tech solutions such as Iron Man, and the armored Avenger. Iron Man’s suit allows Tony Stark to fly, and upgrades increase his speed capabilities.

A bold, but brilliant inventor Stark is a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. With his immense riches and exceptional technical skills, Stark was one of the most powerful men in the world.

After the death of his parents, he embraced the life of a playboy for a long time until when he was abducted by the Ten Rings in Afghanistan, as he demonstrated a fleet of Jericho missiles. With his life in danger, Stark created an armored suit that he used to escape from his captors.

8. Carnage

Source: Bloody Disgusting

Cletus Kasady was an extremely mentally unstable serial killer that was in a cell with Eddie Brock. When Eddie was released from prison, a tiny portion of his symbiote remained in his wake, and it bonded to Cletus through a tiny wound in his palm.

This then mutated into an entirely new symbiote with black and red color. This is how Carnage came into being. Utilizing the capabilities of his new symbiote Cletus established a long-running history of murdering innocent people and getting placed in prison for it. Carnage is also among the ugliest cartoon characters that you can find out there.

9. Red Ranger

Red Ranger
Source: Animetoys

The Red Ranger is a designation used to describe an individual character in the entire season of Power Rangers. It is believed that the Red Ranger is usually the leader of the team, but there have been instances when Rangers of different colors have served as leaders.

Recently, Red Rangers often also have the role of hot-headed rookies. Red Rangers also usually receive the most strong weapons. The primary weapon of the Red Ranger typically is a sword however some have also employed blasters. Along with the Red Ranger, the Pink ranger is among the most popular Pink Cartoon Characters that you can find in the franchise.

10. Red Skull

Red Skull
Source: CBR

Johann Schmidt is the former director of HYDRA The special division for weapons within the Nazi Schutzstaffel and a more modern version of the old society.

After becoming a close friend of Adolf Hitler during World War II, Schmidt gained ambitions to be the most powerful man and decided to test Abraham Erskine’s Super Soldier Serum on himself.

The result of the experiment was his appearance becoming deformed and also receiving the nickname of Red Skull.

11. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch
Source: Murphy’s Multiverse

Wanda Maximoff is a native of Sokovia, raised with her twin brother Pietro. Born with the magical ability to use Chaos Magic, she developed an animus towards Tony Stark and rallied anti-American protests following that the Novi Grad Bombings killed her parents. Among the Red Cartoon Characters Girl lineup, Scarlet Witch is one of the most noteworthy names.

Wanda is the sister of Pietro Maximoff, alias Quicksilver. She started as a revenge-seeking ally of Ultron, the villainous Ultron but then found herself a new hero and became part of the Avengers after the demise of her older brother who could have done the same if he had survived.

12. Blossom

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

Blossom has been the primary character of the animated TV series The Powerpuff Girls, along with her siblings, Bubbles as well as Buttercup. She is the leader and Commander. Blossom is the bright, but the self-centered leader of the trio of superheroes.

She has a long red-orange length of hair, with an angular part, bangs, and pink eyes. She is wearing a pink dress with black stripes in the middle, white tights, and black Mary Janes. Further, the red bow sits high on her hair, and the hair clip shape is like a heart visible from behind.

13. Deadpool

Source: IMDb

Deadpool is an unrealized character that appears in American comics that are published in the company of Marvel Comics. The character was created by the writer Fabian Nicieza and artist/writer Rob Liefeld. Deadpool first was featured on the cover of New Mutants #98 (cover-dated Feb. 1991).

At first, Deadpool was depicted as an eminent supervillain in his debut appearance on The New Mutants and later in issues of X-Force. But he evolved into his more well-known persona of an antihero.

14. Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake
Source: Peacock

Strawberry Shortcake was first introduced as greeting cards in the 1970s. Her adorable and fascinating characters expanded to 32 berries sweet characters each with their unique personalities and pets.

Over the year, fans saw strawberries develop right before their eyes. They watched her grow up with her as well, beginning at the age of 6 living in Strawberryland along with her sibling and her pet, Pupcake, and continuing through her teens, and her ability to see big opportunities in all things.

15. Eugene H. Krabs

Eugene H. Krabs
Source: The Mind Report

Krabs (born on November 30, 1942) is one of the ten main characters in the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise. He is a red crab that has an anchor along with his daughter Pearl who is a whale that is just a few years old.

Moreover, he is the proprietor and the founder of the Krusty Krab restaurant as well as the employer of SpongeBob as well as Squidward.  Krusty Krab’s sole competitor is Chum Bucket restaurant, which is run by Plankton and Karen. Also, there are some great purple cartoon characters in the show that you can also check out.

Final Words

This is it! These are the best red cartoon characters that you can find out there. The list of the best male red cartoon characters and female red characters.

The ones that we have talked about here are among the most popular ones in the world. So, what other red characters would want to be a part of this list? Feel free to reach out to us with your suggestions.

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