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Interesting Facts about Matt Groening Net Worth and his Whole Life

Matt Groening Net Worth

Most people want to know about his Personal life and some other facts about Matt due to his progressive life. Let’s discuss the information we have collected from various trusted resources. Matt Groening is a multi-talented person, as he is a television producer, an author, an American animator, and a cartoonist as well. Due to its various fields and professions, everybody wonders about Matt Groening Net Worth. He is also the producer of the well-known famous show “The Simpsons”. This Simpsons series is the longest-running primetime television series in history.

Facts about Matt’s Life

Many people want to know about Matt’s Life and most importantly their Net Worth of Matt Groening. So, we have collected here the information regarding the life of Matt including his Net worth and Career, etc. let’s start reading about the interesting facts of Matt.

Early life

We must talk about their early life of Matt besides discussing his net worth. So let’s have a look at the early life of Groening that he spends. Matt Groening was born on 15 February 1954 in Portland. He has a family of five children and he is the middle child amongst them who were born by Margaret Ruth. He was a Homer Philip, an advertiser, a filmmaker, cartoonist, writer, and a former teacher.


He has a family of 5 including him in which he has 4 siblings named Lisa, Mark, Maggie, and Patty.


He graduated from Lincoln High School from the session of 1972-1977. He has also joined the Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington.

Childhood Interest

He used to taking interest in cartoons since his childhood when he watched the Disney animated film named “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”.  His inspirations were Ernie Bush miller, Monty Python, M. Schulze, and Ronald Searle.

Married Life

Matt Groening married his girlfriend named Deborah Caplan, who worked with him in the publications of “Life in Hell”. His marriage took place from 1986 to 1999. He got two sons from Caplan their name was Homer and Abe. Afterward, his marriage did not remain successful for a long time and they broke up with each other. Then in 2011 he committed to the artist Augustine Picasso and made her his wife after dating her for four years. Matt becomes a stepfather of the daughter of Picasso who she belongs to her previous relationship that ended. However, they have to take care of five children on their own together.

Odd jobs

During his career, he had to face many challenges and suffer many problems regarding his career. He has also performed different odd jobs such as in a nursing home, a sewage treatment plant, a restaurant, a record store, and many others like that.

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Matt Groening Net Worth

After having a complete analysis and with the resources, we find that the Bulk of Matt Groening Net Worth is almost $600 million. That he gets to form his ownerships ad creations that are so many. A few of them are The Simpsons and Futurama and some other animated series and programs. Moreover not even he also got a lot of money by licensing rights that he use to make for the associated merchandising, movies, and video games as well.


At the age of twenty-three, Matt Groening Net Worth increases when he took a step towards Los Angeles to become a writer in 1977. Afterward, he starts drawing the comic book that self-publish “Life in Hell” he wrote this comic for his friends. In this book, he described life in Los Angeles. In 1978 his first and foremost sale of cartoons was held to the Avant grade Wet Magazine. His journey began at the Los Angeles Reader as a delivery man of newspaper, editor, and typesetters. After some, he properly joined the paper as a cartoonist. Then, on April 25, 1980, Life in Hell officially and entirely debuted in the Reader as a comic strip.

“Life in Hell” was considered an immediate hit at that time and instantly Matt’s Girlfriend at that time named Deborah Caplan started working with him. They started to publish the books of Life in Hell on different topics with different themes for instance some publications are “Love in Hell” and “Work in Hell”. They succeed and the Matt and Caplan begin a company in the name of Life in Hell Co. It was also a great source of growing Matt Groening Net Worth. Manage the Merchandising matters of “Life in Hell”. The business goes to its top and Life in Hell started to sell out 2650 newspapers weekly.

It is shown that the final strip of Life in Hell was published on June 16, 2012. Life in Hell was such an amazing publication of that time as it got the attention of several Hollywood producers and writers; James L. Brooks was one of the great attention seekers. Then after observing it Brooks met with Matt directly and offer him to work on an undefined future project. Groening gives an idea of The Simpsons and started working on it; he named the character of this series in his family member’s name.

Groening has directed and produced many other famous shows and projects besides The Simpsons and The Simpsons. He developed an animated series with the cooperation of Simpson’s writer and producer David X. Cohen. The series name was “Futurama” which was released in 1997. This show’s story was based on life in the year 3000.


A series named “Disenchantment” is also developed by Groening which was in collaboration with a streaming company named Netflix. In August 2018, the very first episode of Disenchantment was released on Netflix. Then in September 2019 its second batch that was consisted of 10 episodes was released. Then Netflix itself renewed the show by adding twenty additional episodes to it.


Just by his releases of “The Simpsons” and “Futurama” Matt Groening has achieved a dozen Primetime Emmy Awards this is also a great source of increasing Matt Groening Net Worth. He got the award star on the Hollywood Walk in 2012, which he achieved for The Simpsons and Futurama. He also achieved a British Comedy Award. Moreover, a National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award was also given to Groening.

Wrap Up!

We have observed that Matt Groening is one of the richest celebrities in the film industry as Matt Groening Net Worth is becoming the highest income amongst other celebrities. Because he had chosen not just a single field or talent, but he was a multitalented person. Who use to work in various fields such as an American author, animator, cartoonist, a producer, and many more. Just like all other celebrities Matt also put a lot of effort in his early life to become a celebrity with the highest income.

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