April 20, 2024
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What does LPL Mean in Texting – (Real Example)

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What Does LPL Stand for?

LPL is an acronym that means “Laughing Pretty Loud,” similar to “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud). It denotes a level of amusement that goes beyond a simple smile but is not as intense as a full-fledged laugh.

For example: I can’t stop LPL at this video.

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Table Comparison

Slang word  LPL
Abbreviation Laughing Pretty Loud
Predictability Easy to understand
Safe for friendly/Corporate conversation Yes 
Platform Compatibility Used on all social apps
Snapchat Meaning Laughing Pretty Loud
Instagram Meaning Laughing Pretty Loud

How is LPL used in conversation?

Understanding the meaning of slang terms is crucial before using them in conversations. Here are examples to help you use it in your daily texting.


Paige: Did you see the meme Sara posted? LPL!

Ricky: Yeah, I knew you’d find it funny! LPL

Brian: What’s all the laughter about? LPL

Sara: Ricky shared a hilarious meme, you’ve got to check it out! LPL

Lisa: That meme had me in stitches! LPL

Mark: I missed it, can someone send it to me? LPL

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Frequency of Use

As a social media expert, I have observed that this slang term is predominantly incorporated across various social media platforms. It’s frequently utilized as a means to vividly express laughter in textual conversations.

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