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What does o7 Mean in Texting – (Real Example)

Published on: February 29, 2024
Updated on: March 1, 2024
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What Does o7 Stand for?

“O7” is used to symbolize a salute or waving gesture. The “O” represents a head, and the “7” represents an arm saluting or waving.

For example: Thanks for the epic quest, team! o7 for the victory!

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Table Comparison

Slang word  O7
Abbreviation Salute
Predictability Easy to understand
Safe for friendly/Corporate conversation Yes 
Platform Compatibility Used on all social apps
Snapchat Meaning Salute
Instagram Meaning Salute

How is o7 used in conversation?

Before using slang terms or abbreviations in your communication, make sure you understand what they mean. The provided examples below can offer insight into how to effectively use them in your conversations.


Paige: Thanks for the help in the game tonight, everyone!

Ricky: Yeah, it was a blast! o7 to all of you!

Arjun: Alright guys, I’m signing off for the night. Good games!

Sara: Take care, Arjun! o7″

Henry: Just wanted to shout out Rose for the awesome heals during that boss fight. You saved us!

Rose: No problem at all, Henry! Glad I could help. o7 to the team!

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Frequency of Use

As a social media specialist, I have concluded that users’ conversations on various social apps exhibit a moderate variation in the frequency and usage of the term.

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