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4 Trips You Need to Take as Soon as You Retire

Published on: July 5, 2023
Updated on: July 14, 2023
Best First Trip After Retirement in the USA

For many Americans, nothing quite beats climbing into your car, stepping on the gas, and going on an exciting road adventure. Whether you venture to a neighboring state or head a little further, road trips can be a fantastic way to take in the stunning scenery and explore hidden gems that you had no idea existed!

If you’re approaching retirement, you may wonder how you’re going to make use of your new-found time. Rather than staying indoors twiddling your thumbs, why not go on lots of fun-filled road trips? Here are just a few routes you should take the moment you enter your golden years.

Best First Trip After Retirement in the USA

  • Route 66
  • Pacific Coast Highway
  • Great Smoky Mountains
  • Florida Keys

Route 66

We couldn’t possibly kick things off without talking about the most famous scenic road trip of all – Route 66! This legendary road trip spans eight states taking you from Illinois through to California. On your journey, you’ll pass many historic landmarks, charming small towns, and quirky roadside attractions. You’ll get to enjoy many bustling cities too, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. There’s no better way to experience and enjoy American culture than traveling through Route 66. 

Pacific Coast Highway

Spanning over 650 miles, the Pacific Coast Highway takes you from Dana Point to Leggett. This route is a scenic masterpiece that highlights Cali’s breathtaking coastal beauty. If you embark on this iconic route, prepare to take in wonderful ocean views and feast your eyes on iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge. There are plenty of coastal gems to visit on your journey too, including Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz. If you’re interested in experiencing the laid-back California lifestyle, the Pacific Coast Highway is the road trip for you!

Great Smoky Mountains

For retirees who want to get in touch with nature, traveling through the Great Smoky Mountains is necessary. Begin your journey in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and work your way through the stunning landscapes of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Throughout your journey, you’ll enjoy scenic drives and have the chance to embark on nature trails. Make sure you’ve got valid car insurance before trekking around the mountains. You can protect your car with an insurance policy from The Hartford. They have exclusive discounts for AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) members too.

Florida Keys

While Florida may be synonymous with all things Disney, there is so much more to check out in this sunshine state. Retirees seeking a tropical escape are sure to enjoy the Florida Keys. Launch your adventure in Miami before making your way down the scenic Overseas Highway. This route provides mesmerizing views of charming islands, turquoise waters, and abundant wildlife. Along the way, you can hit many of Florida’s pristine beaches and tuck into some tasty fresh seafood.

Once you have topped your car up with gas and packed the essentials, you can embark on any of the road trips above that are sure to give you scenic views and memories that you will cling to for many years to come.

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