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Top 10 Cartoon Characters with White Hair

Cartoon Characters with White Hair

White hair in anime and cartoons are not a sign of old age or weakness unlike in real life. In fact, whenever cartoon characters with white hair are introduced in shows, more often than not, these characters bring something exciting and intriguing to the table.

We are certain that if you are a true cartoons fan, you can definitely think of a few awesome characters with white here right now. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best anime cartoon characters with white hair who not only look cool but also have interesting stories to tell.

Famous Cartoon Characters with White Hair Names

  • Nate River (Death Note)
  • Jiraiya (Naruto)
  • Nao Tomori (Charlotte)
  • Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)
  • Eris (Konosuba)
  • Garou (One Punch Man)
  • Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Five (Terror in Resonance)
  • Altair (Re-Creators)
  • Decim (Death Parade)

Nate River (Death Note)

This character belongs to an iconic anime titled Death Note which is known to have plenty of thrilling scenes and plot twists. Nate is the successor of L who is another great detective.

After the death of L by Kira, Nate takes it upon himself to find this unknown killer. With a little help from his former teammate, Nate was able to capture the culprit and put an end to the whole conundrum in very little time. You can find also ugly characters in this show such as Ryuk. 

Nate is among the smartest anime characters without a doubt and his appearance really had a huge impact on the storyline.

Jiraiya (Naruto)

This character stands out for many reasons. He is a great fighter, a devoted teacher, and an amazing patriot who is willing to risk everything for his nation.

Jiraiya has seen many battles and he has impacted the story of the anime in a huge way. He was the one who trained Nagato who is one of the biggest antagonists of the show.

This old cartoon character with white hair has a very inspiring story and he goes through unbelievable character development during the course of the show.

Nao Tomori (Charlotte)

This is a very interesting character whose main traits include a short temper, narcissism, industriousness, and self-righteousness. She is a food lover who doesn’t trust anyone easily. 

Raised by a single mother she has learned to be self-dependent and careful. She works really hard to uncover the mystery surrounding his brother who has special powers and the people who are attempting to experiment on him for their own sake.

Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

This is another great character from Naruto who had a really sad backstory but he was able to fight the darkness within and emerge as a strong, caring, and passionate individual. Although you won’t find many cartoon characters with orange hair on this show. 

Kakashi was a student of a Hokage and then he became Hokage himself for his amazing talents. He mentored team 7 which included the protagonist Naruto, his rival Sasuke, and a kunoichi Sakura.

Kakashi is an amazing fighter both in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. This animated character with white hair has an amazing set of skills and it is really a treat to see him in action.

Eris (Konosuba)

This cartoon character with long white hair is a very gentle and caring person. She is cheerful and compassionate and she always looks for the good in others,

Eris is basically a goddess of fortune which means she is immortal. She can travel to the mortal plains by creating a mortal body that allows her to stay young forever. She is a genius thief who has amazing detection skills which makes her character so much more interesting. Konosuba has pink characters as well.                             

Garou (One Punch Man)

Garou is another OP character from the show one piece. He has enhanced senses, immense endurance and stamina, crazy speed and reflexes, and immense physical strength.

This comic character with white hair has some really cool fight scenes in the second season of the show. He can quickly analyze the movements of his opponents during the fight and attack vital spots without mercy.

Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

This character is the protagonist of the show who has so much to offer. He becomes a one-eye ghoul due to some turn of events that changes his life forever.

Now he has to learn to live with his new identity while at the same time uncovering some of the most mysterious plots in the play. He is among the coolest male cartoon characters with white hair who possesses superhuman strength and mobility along with some other remarkable ghoul-like powers and physical features. There are also many Red Characters in Tokyo Ghoul. 

Five (Terror in Resonance)

She is a strong cartoon character with short white hair who shows up unexpectedly in the show and takes everyone by surprise thanks to her amazing set of skills and powerful personality.

Despite having a really rough childhood, five was able to make a name for herself owing to her perseverance and strength. She gives quite a challenge to the protagonists nine and twelve and they barely manage to escape her well-thought-out plot.

Altair (Re-Creators)

She is the primary antagonist of this anime and is responsible for bringing the Created into the world. She plots to make the two worlds collide and her main objective was to send everything to oblivion.

She is a true terror incarnate with an amazing set of abilities. Her powers include flight, telekinesis, superhuman strength, and sword shielding. She has immense hatred for the real world for some personal reasons and she won’t stop unless she makes everyone pay for what they did to her.

Decim (Death Parade)

He is a bartender at Quindecim and an arbiter for the dead. His main objective is to find people who have died around the same time and to make them play a game the outcome of which decides whether to allow them to be reincarnated or sent to the void. 

He is emotionless and reserved and he enjoys his own company more than anything else. This is a really complex character with so many exciting things to offer and we are certain you’ll love him if you gave this anime a chance.

Final Thoughts

We really hope you have enjoyed this list of cartoon characters with white hair. All of these characters have unique appearances and their stories are also worth your time.

So, make sure to check these characters out as soon as you get the chance and have endless watching these in action.

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