February 21, 2024
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What does DWS Mean in Texting – (Real Example)

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What Does DWS Stand for?

DWS means “Dealing with Shit” in texting and online conversations. It’s an acronym used to express annoyance regarding dealing with something. This means that you have a lot going on and you’re currently busy handling it.

Moreover, it can also used as an abbreviation for “Driving While Suspended” and “Driving While Snap-chatting”.

For example: Please stop it! I am already DWS right now.

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Table Comparison

Slang WordDWS
AbbriviationDealing With Shit
PredictabilityQuite easy to understand
Safe for friendly/Corporate conversationSafe for friendly but not for corporate conversations
Platform CompatibilityUsed on all social media platforms
Snapchat MeaningDealing With Shit
Instagram MeaningDealing With Shit

How is DWS Used in Conversation?

Interpreting what the messages mean is dependent on the situation and context. “DWS” is also used, according to the circumstances, to clarify numerous terms.


Texter 1: What are you doing there?

Texter 2: Hahaha! I am DWS.

Friend 1: Dude, I am DWS right now!

Friend 2: Fine! Nobody’s gonna disturb you.

Texter 1: So, what’s up?

Texter 2: I am DWS; I will talk to you later.

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Frequency of Use

The frequency of its use may vary based on individual preferences and the context of conversations, but it is generally recognized and utilized across social media platforms on internet. As a social media expert, I have seen the term used on all social posts and texts. Teens and adults alike are using it in various ways and different contexts.

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