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What does “ND” Mean in Texting – (Real Example)

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What Does ND Stand for?

“ND” means “And” commonly used to make typing faster and simpler when you’re chatting informally with friends.  It’s one of the most frequently used slang in modern texting.

ND can also stand for various phrases such as No Drugs, Naturopathic Doctor, No Date, Not Done, or National Director.

For example: I like fruits nd veggies.

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Table Comparison

Slang word ND
PredictabilityVery Easy to Understand
Safe for friendly/Corporate conversationSafe for friendly conversation but not for corporate conversation
Platform CompatibilityUsed on all social media platforms
Snapchat MeaningAnd
Instagram MeaningAnd

How is ND Used in Conversation?

ND is used informally to chat quickly with friends or family. To understand what the messages mean, you must consider the circumstances and message context. 


Friend 1: What were the guards saying? 

Friend 2: They were warning us by showing ND signs.

Texter 1:  Did you get the parcel of chocolates nd gifts?

Texter 2:. Yes, I received them a half hour ago.

Texter 1: Are you nd your friends coming?

Texter 2:  Yes, for sure we are.

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Frequency of Use

In general, the slang “ND” is widely used across online platforms. As a social media expert, I regularly observe its usage in online chats on various social media apps. However, it is not suitable for professional conversations. In professional settings, it is advisable to refrain from using slang and use formal language.

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ND serves as a convenient abbreviation for “And” in casual text conversations, prevalent across social platforms. While effective for friendly chats, its informality makes it unsuitable for professional contexts where formal language is preferred.

Popularity Overtime in US

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