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What does PS Mean in Texting – (Real Example)

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What Does PS Stand for?

“PS”  stands for “postscript,” which is an additional remark added at the end of a letter, email, or text after the signature. It’s often used to include an afterthought or additional information that wasn’t included in the main body of the message.

For example:  PS: Don’t forget to submit your report by the end of the day.

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Table Comparison

Slang word PS
PredictabilityEasy to understand
Safe for friendly/Corporate conversationYes
Platform CompatibilityUsed on some social apps
Snapchat MeaningPostscript
Instagram MeaningPostscript

How is PS used in conversation?

It can allude to and communicate meanings in a variety of contexts on internet. But before you use it, make sure you know what it means.


Person A: I’ll be there at 5 pm. PS, don’t forget to bring the tickets.

Person B: Got it!

Friend 1: I had a great time hanging out with you today. PS, let’s do it again soon!

Friend 2: Definitely!

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Frequency of Use

The frequency of usage of this slang term, based on my observations as a social media expert, is very high in formal conversations across all social apps business emails, etc. It’s a straightforward and widely understood term. It is also commonly used at the end of blog posts.

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