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Top 16 Purple Cartoon Characters and Their Facts, Ranked

Published on: February 6, 2023
Updated on: May 13, 2024
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Purple cartoon characters have their charm, as colors undoubtedly fascinate our eyes. When it comes to the choice of colors in cartoon characters, the most common ones like red skin characters, yellow skin characters, and brown hold equal importance as purple skin characters.

Cartoon characters can come in a variety of funky shapes, sizes, and colors. That is precisely what makes cartoons interesting and fun to watch. There are numerous purple Disney characters from various shows, and we have done in-depth research to bring you the top 16 purple cartoon characters out there.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular, influential, and widely recognized purple cartoon characters of all time.

Purple Cartoon Character Names – Our Top Choices

There is a wide range of purple-themed TV characters and purple video game characters that capture and captivate the hearts of almost everyone with their iconic traits. I have done a deep search to bring you a list of the most famous purple animated characters for your ease.

  • Harmony Bear
  • The Groke
  • Abira
  • Dragon Man
  • Spyro
  • Thanos
  • Tinky Winky
  • Beerus
  • Ursula
  • Skeletor
  •  Filfil 
  • Mad Madam Mim
  • Grimace
  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Dizzy Devil 
  • Bing Bong

Purple Cartoon Characters Female (Girls)

Harmony Bear

harmony bear facts

Harmony Bear is a cute and cuddly purple character that made its debut back in the 80s, and both kids and adults instantly fell in love with her.

This character is an advocate for peace, unity, and friendship, hence the name Harmony. The cartoon has violet fur with different belly badges throughout the years.

The character is quite good with music, and she uses it to bridge gaps between people, irrespective of their language and background. It is overall an amazing purple character for its great personality, cute appearance, and fantastic animation.

Show/ Movie Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation
Played By Nonnie Griffin

Interesting facts about Harmony Bear

  • Harmony Bear is a girl.
  • She was created by artist Linda Denham.
  • Harmony Bear is voiced by Michaela Dean.


groke facts

Groke is an amazing fictional purple character who appears in several shows and books. It has a ghost-like body with white, shiny teeth and two cold-staring eyes. She is always seeking friendship and affection, but her appearance stands in the way, often leaving her saddened. It is a character with depth, melancholy, and aloneness all mixed.

Moreover, in some stories, the character appears as a villain, while in others, you can see it helping others. There have been many adaptations of this character in the form of different shows and movies, which are worth your time.

Show/ Movie Moomin stories
Played By Andrzej Bogusz

Interesting facts about Groke

  • Groke is female (girl).
  • Groke is created by Tove Jansson.
  • Groke has legs.


abira facts

Abira is one of the most powerful purple animated characters in the Marvel franchise and has garnered the attention of many fans. She has super-strong physiology, amazing powers like breathing underwater, and the ability to withstand extremely high pressure and temperature. 

Abira is a fierce soldier and a strong-willed individual. She helps save Namor from hell and then stays with his king till the end. Her weapon is a trident forged from strong material.

Show/ Movie Marvel Comics
Played By

Interesting facts about Abira

  • Abira was an Atlantean warrior 
  • She is a member of the team known as the Tridents. 
  • She started a relationship with her king.


ursula facts

When we talk about the purple cartoon characters girl with white hair category, Ursula is a famous name that comes to mind. Ursula is a very cunning and manipulative villain from Disney’s Little Mermaid show.

She is a half-human half-octopus with a mission to harness the power of the King’s trident and eventually become the sole ruler of the oceans. Ursula is from the list of ugly characters in the animated world.

Further, she is extremely dark and has a wicked sense of humor which she often uses to charm her victims. She is driven by vengeance and lust for power. Ursula is skilled with potions and has the ability to produce ink clouds that give him more power when fighting against someone wielding the trident.

Movie The Little Mermaid
Voiced By Pat Carroll

Interesting Facts about Ursula

  • Ursula is very evil because of her desire for power, control, and revenge.
  • Ursula got banned due to greed and the use of dark magic.
  • Ursula hates Ariel.

Purple Cartoon Character Male (Boys)

Dragon Man

dragon man facts

Dragon Man is another great Marvel purple character. It is a cyborg creature made by Professor Guibert who claims it can even best the fantastic four together all by himself.

He has fire breath which puts him at an advantage when fighting the human torch from the fantastic four teams. He can fly and has monster strength which gives him a considerable advantage.

Dragon Man looks like a humanoid reptile, and he looks more kind of like a dinosaur turned human. He has the personality and traits of a toddler. He has poor communication skills, and he cannot control his abilities very well either.

Overall, the character is a mix of chaos, ruthlessness, and sheer strength. He cannot be controlled easily and that makes him highly unpredictable.

Show/ Movie Fantastic Four
Created By Professor Gilbert

Interesting facts about Dragon Man

  • Dragon Man is a purple-colored creature.
  • He is easily provoked to violence.
  • Dragon Man is produced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.


spyro facts

Spyro, a purple character, is a dragon from the Spyro video game. He is headstrong, courageous, and a bit arrogant. He can charge his opponents with his horns and breathe fire.

In the later versions of the game, the character can swim, use his wings as a shield, head dive, and double jump. It is really fun to watch this purple character doing all these stunts throughout his adventures.

This amazing character has a very unique background story which you can find out about by playing the game yourself since we do not want to spoil anything for you.

Further, Spyro the Dragon is a cool and fierce cartoon character that stands out for its genius design and amazing evolution throughout the years, and you need to check him out. 

Game Spyro
Developed By Toys for Bob, Insomniac Games, and Vivendi Games

Interesting Facts about Spyro

  • Spyro game is designed by Ted Price, Michael Stout, Toby Schadt, and Ray West.
  • Spyro originates from the Dragon Kingdom in Spyro the Dragon.
  • Spyro the Dragon is a video game for the mobile phone.


thanos facts

Thanos is one of the main gangster purple characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His main goal was to eliminate half of the living creatures from the universe to give things a complete balance.

He is a purple giant with the ability to manipulate others through his words. He is a native of the planet Titan which suffered from a serious financial and overpopulation crisis. The character has a strong and influential personality and a somewhat twisted moral compass which makes him really amazing to watch.

First Appearance The Invincible Iron Man
Played By Josh Brolin

Interesting Facts about Thanos

  • Thanos is a supervillain appearing in  Marvel Comics. 
  • Thanos is created by writer-artist Jim Starlin.
  • Thanos is regarded as one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.

Twinky Winky

twinky winky facts

Twinky Winky is the favorite of so many kids who watch Teletubbies. Tinky Winky is the largest purple Teletubby. He has a height of about 10 feet, and he is also the oldest of all the other characters.

This character is kind, gentle, and sweet. He is very giggly and funny, which makes him a real treat to watch.

Moreover, Tinky Winky is a giant with a child’s heart and personality, and his shenanigans are really enjoyable for kids as well as adults of all ages.

Movie Teletubbies
Played By Dave Thompson and Simon Shelton

Interesting Facts about Twinky Winky

  • Tinky Winky is often perceived as a gay role model.
  • His purple color represents the gay pride color.
  • He has an antenna that is shaped like a triangle, symbolizing the gay pride symbol.


beerus facts

Beerus is a powerful purple character from the DBZ universe. He is a god of destruction who lives with his teacher/butler Whis. Beerus can destroy entire planets with a flick of his fingers. He is among the big purple cartoon characters in the animated world. 

Beerus looks very much like a sphynx cat, except that he is much more purple. He has a very short temper, and he is always looking for reasons to destroy things. Beerus can sleep for decades on end.

He is a big fan of good food and that is among the few reasons he has not destroyed planet Earth so far. Further, like all DBZ villains, Beerus is a great fighter, and so far, none of the main characters in the show has come near him in terms of sheer strength.

Series Dragon Ball
Played By Akira Toriyama

Interesting Facts about Beerus

  • Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7.
  • He is accompanied by his martial arts teacher and attendant, Whis.
  • Beerus’ twin brother is Champa.


skeletor facts

Skeletor is a cartoon character in purple color from the Masters of the World franchise, and he is among the main antagonists. He often comes face to face with He-man while pursuing his goal of possessing the secrets of Castle Greyskull.

Skeletor is skilled both with science as well as magical spells. He is also great with physical combat all thanks to his above-average strength and knowledge. He appears as a blue-skinned humanoid with a purple hood over his head which makes him look quite intimidating.

Skeletor also has the power to command his minions telepathically. He can teleport himself over large distances as well. Lastly, the character is overall quite impressive, and you should look it up sometime.

Movie Masters of the Universe/World
Played By Frank Langella, Mark Hamill, and Alan Oppenheimer

Interesting Facts about Skeletor

  • Skeletor is a supervillain and the main antagonist.
  • Skeletor is created by Mattel.
  • He belongs to the King Randor (half-brother) family.

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