As you grow older, the wish of having quality hair gets high. Everybody knows that healthy hair contributes to the overall look. Maybe most of us know hair grows around .5 inches per month. Many factors that contribute to how fast your hair growth is.

Multiple factors include, such as genetics, diet, age, and health affect hair growth. Age and genetics are the factors that you cannot do anything for but you can eat a healthy diet that can give you effective results.

Right nutrients in foods can help you to increase hair growth. Poor nutrition can also cause hair loss but you can manage such deficiency with a proper diet plan.

Below we’ve mentioned best foods that can help you get healthy hair Growth.

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Get Proteins with Eggs

Eggs are rich in biotin and proteins as both are crucial for your hair growth. The best hair surgeons in Rawalpindi explain that hair follicles are made up of proteins that you can receive from eggs. People who have hair loss often experience a deficiency of proteins. Keratin is the hair protein that depends on biotin. You can also find biotin supplements in the market as they are popular for hair growth.

It is one of the great sources of selenium and zinc.


Spinach is popular in many dishes but do you know that it contains beneficial nutrients, such as vitamin A and C. There are also folate and iron found in spinach. Research says that vitamin A tends to produce sebum that moisturizes your scalp which keeps your hair healthy.

It is also great source of iron that is crucial for hair growth. It helps red blood cells that carry oxygen in your body. Iron also aids growth and repair.

Sweet potatoes 

If I talk about myself, I love to eat sweet potatoes. They are a great source of beta-carotene that converts this into vitamin A that gives promising good hair health. This vitamin also promotes the production of sebum that improves your hair health. Vitamin A also boosts hair growth and prevents hair follicles from regressing.

Fatty Fish 

Fatty fish like mackerel and herring contain beneficial properties that aid hair growth. Fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that promote hair growth. A study has confirmed that intake of fish can improve the hair density rate.

People who do not like to eat fish can go with the omega-3 fatty acids supplements that reduce hair loss. Studies say that fatty fishes are also a good source of proteins and vitamin D3.


Well, nuts are tasty as they contain many essential nutrients that promote hair growth. An ounce of almonds delivers daily vitamin E requirements that are crucial for hair growth. Nuts are also linked to many health benefits such as they help in reducing inflammation and minimize the risk of heart diseases.

Sweet Peppers

Studies say that sweet peppers are a great source of vitamin C that aid hair growth. Oranges are also good for your health with vitamin C property but you can get 5.5 times more with one yellow pepper. When vitamin C enters your body, it promotes collagen production that results in strengthening your hair strands. It is also a strong antioxidant that protects them against oxidative stress. Sweet peppers stimulate the production of sebum that keeps your hair healthy.


Shrimp is rich in many essential nutrients that are crucial for hair growth. It contains iron, zinc, vitamin B, and D. Intake of the shrimp can fulfill 33% of the vitamin D requirement in your body.

It’s been proved that deficiency of Vitamin D3 is directly linked to hair loss.


There are some beneficial compounds found in soybeans that aid hair growth. Spermidine is the compound that is present in soybeans as it prolongs the active hair growth that is known as the Anagen phase.

Final Thought

The deficiency of essential nutrients in your body can increase the risk of hair fall. These nutrients include iron, biotin, zinc, vitamin A, C, D, and E that will help you to get your desirable healthy hair growth.