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The word monitoring or privacy may mean no intrusion in general but in the employee and employer world, the meaning has changed. See it is the legal right of today’s employer to know what the employees are up to via company-owned devices. As the organization offer the employees the device or gadget with the aim of ease and use for work purpose only. So make sure you are not in a position to exploit company resources in any form.

Besides the perspective of the employer, an employee monitoring app can be very effective for employees as well in so many ways. In case you need a cloud-based app then we can offer you the best employee computer monitoring software name OgyMogy. 

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Some Silent Features of The Computer Monitoring Software

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Best to Save The Cyber Record:

Internet is used in any sort of work either it’s a business, government, or private sector. It is no doubt one of the biggest inventions for mankind but one also needs to know that it can act as a great force of distraction as well. When we say that OgyMogy is the best employee computer monitoring software then we mean it as you can monitor the browser history of the employees remotely by using it. Track internet browsing history feature lets the user know about the web content visited by the employee during working hours. This way you can know who visited a shopping site or who is a football fan.  

Use Monitoring Software to Motivate Employees:

Screen monitoring feature lets the user know about the screen activities of the employee. You can know about the hourly, daily, or weekly productivity of every employee by using the screen monitoring feature. Moreover, with the time stamp information, you can judge even the time take by the employee in completing the assigned project. As the feature keeps the recording in the form of short videos or screenshots you can share the clip with other employees and encourage the whole team while motivating others as well. 

Block Any Diversion In Working Hours:

OgyMogy not only highlights the problem faced by the employee and employer community but also provides solid solutions well. For example, if you find that most of your employees waste time on the internet or this thing has been a huge distraction then you can just eliminate the distraction in a single blow. Use the web filtering or web blocking feature and block all the useless content so that nobody can access the entertainment site like youtube.

Notice Outdoor Work-Related Chores:

In case you have an employee who is responsible for outdoor activities and you find it difficult to keep an eye on the outdoor chores and reports then get the best employee computer monitoring software to get real-time reports. The spy app offers a location tracker feature that lets the user know about the real tome pinpoint location of the target persons. Know about their whereabouts and movements and keep a check on the employee activities through company-owned devices. 

Say No UnAnnounced Holidays:

Many employees don’t understand the seriousness of unannounced holidays or skipping work. It is a serious matter as you are not only responsible for your work but also become bothersome for the other employees. With the monitoring app employer can know about the calendar activities and any plans by having remote access to the built-in calendar. That way employer will know about any birthday party or vacation plans.

Secure the Safety of Confidential Data:

One of the biggest fears of any organization is the illegal sharing of confidential information or spying activity. This kind of incident not only sabotages the organizational reputation but also causes destructive damages to the respective department and employees.  To avoid that kind of incident one can, use the keylogging feature offered by the spy app. It records all the keystrokes applied to the target device. That means you can know about the email content, attachment details, any secret code message sent via messenger apps, or any account details. 

Well, how much monitoring lies beneath too much monitoring criteria depends upon the circumstances but legally if you are using a company-owned device then you might be ready to be under surveillance 24/7.


Computer Monitoring Software is one of the efficient ways to monitoring your employees how they’re working. You can easily check if anyone isn’t doing his/her work as you want.